You Can Change The World

You can change the world.

We are all creators.  We are here to create our world any way we want it.

If enough of us choose to create a world of love, joy, and peace, that world will be created.

When enough of us choose to escape from the fear that has most of the world trapped, we will see a change in the world. More and more will come to see the world truly is beautiful.

Most see the problem of change as overwhelming.  They erringly think there is nothing they can do.  They think they can have no positive effect on the world.  Therefore many have come to just accept the world they are living in.

Consider our economic society.  Most have just accepted there is going to be an elite few at the top controlling all the money, and the rest will just have to scrape by living from pay check to paycheck, never getting to live the life they want to live, never getting to experience so many of the great things this world has to offer. 

We can make a change.  Everyone can choose to live life on their own terms, doing what they want to do when they want to do it.

People don’t realize there are so many alternatives.  People don’t realize they have infinite choices.

The amazing thing is it only takes a few to create change.  Once we reach that small amount, we will take they rest of the world with us into that incredible, beautiful world.

SIMPLE CHANGE:  What is one thing you would really like to see change in the world today?  What is one small thing you can do to assist with that change?  Do it.