Yours Is One Of Many Truths

The culture we grew up in immerses us so much that we are never going to escape its influence.

If you were born in America, you will never really understand Chinese culture. Your brain is just not wired to do so.

The problem comes when we believe our culture is better than another culture—or our culture is the correct way of doing things, and others are wrong.

We should only look at our way as different. The difference is necessary for this world to thrive. The uniqueness of each culture makes our world a diverse and incredible place to live.

In no area do we see more struggle and conflict because of the differences in culture play out than through religion.

It is the pattern (and there are exceptions) to believe the religion of your culture to be correct.

No one is correct, and everyone is correct. It’s a paradox. Sometimes something can be both true and false. We will discuss that more when we learn about quantum physics.

It is easy to see why many become lost in believing their religion is “the one and only truth.”

Religion immerses them even deeper into their culture.

Consider a church service.

You may go to an incredible structure dedicated to your religion. The building is truly impressive. The intricate architectural design of the building, the stained-glass windows, the whole atmosphere can be awe-inspiring. Surely this is real.

There is artwork in the building—art created by men and women who threw unbridled passion, commitment, and feeling into their work. You see skilled masterpieces created by men and women with incredible talents, and perhaps they know more than you about what your religion means to the world and how to express that meaning. Surely this is real.

You sing hymns that stir your heart to feelings of indescribable bliss. Those who wrote the lyrics that speak to your heart and bring about those euphoric melodies had to be inspired by something outside themselves. Surely this is real.

You listen to a person speak with passion and power about your religion. You see real emotion. You sometimes experience joy. You sometimes experience sadness. You see the laughter and the tears. Surely this is real.

You are surrounded by a group that believes what you do. You can see you are all feeling the emotion. You are sharing in other’s joy. You are sharing in other’s sadness. Surely this is real.

It is real.

It is very real.

But it is also real for other cultures experiencing the same thing but in a different way.

Yours is not “the truth.” Yours is one of many truths.

We all have access to our higher selves, and we all have the right to interpret our higher selves in any way we want. Just like I have my unique personality compared to you. My personality reflects my Higher Self.

We feel and experience our Higher Self every day, but we limit our Higher Self when we think this experience can only come through our world view. We see our Higher Self as separate and not a part of us and as something which chooses one individual over another. But that is impossible. As we will see later in this book, we are all connected. We are all one.

It is a hard concept for many to understand. But when you finally grasp it, your world truly does become unlimited.

Think about this for a minute. When surrounded by those of like faith, such as in a church service, this is when your faith is the strongest. Your faith is reinforced by being around many who’s beliefs “seem” to match yours. When you are no longer around many, who share your beliefs, such as when you are at work, your faith is not as strong. If you believe it is, you are fooling yourself. There is strength in numbers.

Now let’s go from your work to the mall. Look at all the people with different beliefs than you. No one there believes exactly as you do.

Next, we go to a big sporting event with thousands and thousands of people. Most don’t believe what you believe. Most will think what you believe is wrong because it contradicts what they believe, and of course, we all believe we are correct.

After the game, we fly to a foreign country where a completely different religion than yours dominates the culture. Most don’t know what you believe because they haven’t taken the time to learn about any other religions besides their own. Because of the culture they grew up in, your beliefs are very strange to them. Because of the language barrier, they really can’t even understand you and your beliefs. You are now a far cry away from the group of like individuals you meet within your small space on planet Earth.

But let’s not stop at planet Earth. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has over a billion suns with planets orbiting them. To say that life could not exist on another one of those billions of planets is very closed-minded. Especially when you go out farther into the universe and realize there are billions of galaxies with billions of planets.

We can even go farther. There may also be billions of universes, with billions of galaxies, with billions of planets.

Let’s not stop there. There may even be infinite realities that our brains are not aware of on each of the billions of universes with billions of galaxies with billions of planets. Our finite minds can’t grasp the concept of infinity.

Does it make sense that an infinite creator would choose one small planet, and on that planet, pick one small nation and say, “These are my chosen people”?

Doesn’t it make more sense you are reading the interpretation of Infinite Intelligence by an ancient race that existed thousands of years ago?

To me, these are humbling thoughts. Please just give that some thought.

When you hold to your truth as the only truth, you are limiting yourself, creating substantial blind spots in your ability to perceive. You are keeping yourself from experiencing so many wonders this world offers. Imagine putting yourself in a little box and only allowing yourself to experience the box. You may not be limiting yourself to that degree, but compared to the infinite universe, you are close. You are living in a black and white universe and have no idea what a rainbow is.

We want to discuss more about truth and how your brain was wired and how that affects what you see as truth, but first, you need to read the lesson on the history of motion.