Lesson 30: The Beginning

The Beginning

Congratulations!!! You have reached the end of The Paradigm Shift Class, but this is just the beginning for you.

You now have an understanding of topics that are considered the hardest concepts in the world to grasp.  But do you see it now?  They really were not that hard to learn, were they?

So have we convinced you now that there is nothing you cannot learn?

Let this class give you confidence that if you set your mind toward something, there is nothing you cannot achieve.  If someone else can do it, so can you.  

But here is our challenge. Try and do something no one has ever done before.  You can.

Let’s take a moment to review what we have covered in the class. 

In lesson one, you learned that the main factor that will determine whether something is easy or hard for you is your belief.  You learned that your brain cells (neurons) make dendrite connections with other brain cells, and this is how you learn.  Neural clusters are formed, and the bigger the cluster, the better you understand and can do something.  At first, you may see no way you can learn something, but as the neural connections are made, things become clearer and clearer.

In lesson two, you learned how to put your amazing memory to use by creating crazy images and linking them together.  You also learned how to create mind maps to help you organize your thoughts.

In lesson three, you discovered the very important lesson that you are not the voice in your head.  You are not the voice of your mind.  You are the one who is observing the voice.   You learned that you are consciousness, you are awareness, and you are unlimited.

In lesson four, you learned your subconscious mind is in contact with infinite intelligence, and you have access to infinite intelligence for all your needs.

In lesson five, you were taught how to use daydreaming to communicate with your conscious mind and infinite intelligence.

In lesson six, you started the task of learning some of the basics of Calculus.  You learned some of the math behind taking a derivative which you now know is finding the rate of change of anything.

In lesson seven, we went over the history and the laws of motion. Most importantly, you were introduced to the concept of relativity which says it doesn’t matter where you are physics looks the same for you as it does for everyone else.  It makes us all equal. There is no special place or state of motion.

In lesson eight, we discussed electromagnetism. You saw how electromagnetic waves are waves of electricity changing to magnetism, then magnetism to electricity, and so on back and forth.  You also discovered the very important fact that light was an electromagnetic wave.

In lesson nine, we began the journey into Special Relativity.  You learned that the speed of light is always measured the same (186,282 miles per second) no matter your motion.  We showed how this led Einstein to the correct conclusion that time in two events can be different.  This is called time dilation.  Time depends on your point of view.  The faster you move; the slower time moves relative to another person.

In lesson ten, you were presented with the twin paradox.  You saw the amazing prediction of Special Relativity that a person could travel very fast to a star light years away and come back to earth and actually be many years younger than his or her twin.  In a sense, it would be like traveling into the future.

In lesson eleven, you learned another crazy prediction of Special Relativity.  You were hit with the crazy fact that two events that occur at the same time in one frame of reference may not occur at the same time in another frame of reference.  If I hold up two signs at the same time, someone else could see me hold up sign one and later sign two.  Someone else may see me hold up sign two and later sign one.

In lesson twelve, we started the daunting task of talking about reality.  You were made aware of the fact that you create your entire world using electromagnetic waves.  Everything you see and hear is electromagnetic waves taken in by your eyes and ears and interpreted by your brain.  Your brain interprets based on past experience.

In lesson thirteen, we began the impossible mission of trying to make sense of Quantum Physics.  You first had to be made aware that energy is quantized.  It is not smooth but comes in discreet, indivisible chunks.  The higher the frequency of the energy, the bigger the chunk.  But even the “big” chucks are super, super small.

In lesson fourteen, it just kept getting weirder as you learned about The Photoelectric Effect and The Double Slit Experiment.  You learned about the wave-particle duality of light.  Photons of light could be both a wave and a particle.

In lesson fifteen, we made the final conclusion that is the mother of all weirdness of Quantum Physics.  The Double Slit Experiment was repeated with electrons.  Not only does light behave as a particle and a wave, but all matter behaves as a particle and a wave. You are matter.  You are energy.  

In lesson sixteen, you learned about The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which shows that we do not live in a deterministic universe.  There are going to be things we can never know for sure.  There is a minimum size we can use when trying to figure out how the world works.

In lesson seventeen, you finally got to the equation of all equations — Schrodinger’s Equation.  The equation shows how everything exists as only a probability until it is collapsed into physical reality by consciousness.

In lesson eighteen, we discussed The EPR Experiment, where Einstein tried to prove that particles over great distances could not automatically communicate with each other.  You saw that this was one of the few times Einstein was wrong.

In lesson nineteen, you began learning how to create your reality. You saw you need to get thoughts of the material world out of your mind to enter the quantum realm.  You create with your imagination and emotions.  Belief determines the probabilities produced by Schrodinger’s Equation.  The more you believe, the higher the probability.

In lesson twenty, we revisited relativity, and you saw a graphical way to see that two individuals could actually see events in a different order.  What you may see as the past, another person may see as the future. 

In lesson twenty-one, we saw that everything that happens to us in this life is first a state in the field of infinite potential throughout the entire universe.  Everything is connected to everything.  There is a constant infinite potential within you that is always going to be there whenever you need it because it is you.

In lesson twenty-two, you were let in on some information that very few know.  The heart has brain cells.  The heart is capable of storing memories.  The heart is responsible for intuition.  The heart is responsible for wisdom.

In lesson twenty-three, you were instructed on how to do something life changing.  You were taught how to erase a cloud with your mind.  You learned how to change physical reality right in front of your eyes with your mind.  Hopefully, you have done that many times now.

In lesson twenty-four, we stepped out of 3D reality into other dimensions.  You saw that we actually live in a 4D reality where space and time are inseparable.  You were shown how to visualize walking around in a fifth dimension and viewing any time and place in our 4D reality.

In lesson twenty-five, you were shown how to feel the energy of the universe.  You were shown how to feel the energy flowing through your body, and if you get really good at it, you no longer have any distinction between your body and the outside world.  You have merged with the entire universe.

In lesson twenty-six, we brought up the age-old debate about consciousness.  Is consciousness created by the brain or the brain by consciousness?  I tried to show my point of view by showing our brain is a physical thing.  Therefore, it has to take consciousness to collapse the quantum wave, which is our brain, into reality.  Consciousness has to come first.  If it were not for consciousness, there could be no physical reality, and that includes the brain.

In lesson twenty-seven, we went back to Einstein to discuss The General Theory Of Relativity.  His theory showed that matter and energy cause space to curve.  Matter moves along this curved space, and this is what we perceive as gravity.

In lesson twenty-eight, we saw how The General Theory Of Relativity caused the prediction of black holes, which turned out to be true.  Once something passes the horizon of a black hole, it is doomed never to escape from the hole again.  We also saw how black holes led to what is now being considered by scientists to be the real possibility that we are living in a holographic universe.

In lesson twenty-nine, we discussed more about what it might mean to live in a holographic universe, computer simulation, and virtual reality.

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the class.  You now know more about the universe you live in than 95% of the rest of the world.  You should feel very good about your accomplishment.

If some of the things we discussed are a little unclear, go back and reread the lessons.  In fact, if you read the entire class again, you will find many things that you may have missed the first time around.

Please share what you have learned with others.  Everyone needs to know this stuff.  Like I said, it is beyond me why this isn’t required reading in schools.

I have really enjoyed sharing this class with you.  But this is not the end.  We are currently working on a second Paradigm Shift Class.  This class will only be available to those who have taken the first because you will need to know the information from the first class to understand the second.

We will let you know when the second class is available.  We hope you will join us again. We know you will love it.

Thank You,