Lesson 29: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Are we living in a virtual reality?  Are we living in a computer simulation?

Everyone has seen the amazing worlds created by computers.  We see them in computer games and movies, and they look “real.”  They are getting so realistic some movies have even created computer-generated actors to play in movies with real people, and it is almost impossible to tell that the computer generation was not a real person.

Think about how far we have come in such a short amount of time.   I can remember years ago when Atari first came out, games were nothing more than big blocks moving around on the screen, and now just 35 to 40 years later, we can simulate reality.  At least its appearance.   

So, are we living in a computer simulation?  Physics experiments may suggest this is true.
Let’s look at some of the similarities and see what you think.  I will then tell you what I think.

Most scientists agree that our universe began at one point in the past, known as the big bang.  This was the beginning of all space and time.  Before the big bang, there was nothing as far as we are concerned.
A big bang could be a computer game booting up.  There is nothing for the computer to process about the game before the game boots up.  It is as if the computer game comes from nothing.

We know all every computer program can be broken down into bits of zeros and ones.  The smallest piece of information possible in a computer is a bit.  This is exactly like the quantum world we have discussed.  We know our world is quantized.  Just like a computer is quantized as bits of information.

We have discussed the speed of light as the maximum speed of nature.  Why should there be a set speed for light?  Why couldn’t it move just one mile per hour faster?  This is like the processor speed of a computer.  Your computer is never going to be able to do anything faster than its processor will allow.

We have talked about curved space and time dilation.  Perhaps that could be because of the demands put on the computer processor.  Everyone has experienced their computer moving slowly at times.  When a computer is doing a lot of processing, it gets slower. 

We talked about quantum entanglement and non-locality. Two particles are far apart and know what the other is doing.  This supports virtual reality.  If our reality is controlled by a computer processor, then the processor is aware of everything at once.  All bits that make up a program are in the same location as the processor.

You could be playing a computer game that takes place throughout an entire universe. But we know all the information is coming from the processor.

We have said matter doesn’t exist until consciousness is aware of it.   A computer only shows you what you need to see.  Consider a video game where you are walking through a house.  You can see the room you are in, but you know the other rooms aren’t anywhere until you walk into them.  The rooms are just information potential waiting to see how you interact with the game.  Does that sound eerily familiar? 

We mentioned the holographic principle and how our 3D universe is created by information.  A computer simulation is a creation by a program of information.

So, is our world nothing more than a very advanced computer program?  What do you think? 

Here is what I think.

Let’s keep in mind we are making comparisons. Any creation could be considered a simulation. Our simulations, at best, must be considered very primitive.  We can create computer games and characters in those games. However, we can in no way create conscious life.

But consider infinite intelligence.  Infinite intelligence can create the world we live in, and it could be called a simulation.  It’s just a way of using words.  If we are in a simulation, there must be something being simulated.  That something simulated, we are only aware of a small infinitesimal part.  Infinite intelligence has ways of creating our minds can’t even begin to grasp,  things that our brains just couldn’t process.

From past lessons, we know we are here to create.  We are here to create our world any way we want.  You can change the “simulation.”

Perhaps this is just the beginning stage for us.  Perhaps we are learning to create on a small scale, and as our creative powers grow, that scale will get larger and larger.  As our awareness grows, our ability to create will grow as well.  Right now, we are learning how to shape the world we live in. Perhaps one day, we will learn to create not only our world but other worlds.  Perhaps we will create our own planet.  Perhaps we will create our own universe.