Lesson 25: Feel The Energy Of The Universe

Feel The Energy Of The Universe

Everything is energy. 

This is the energy your brain converts into the sights and sounds of your universe.

As we have learned, this is the Quantum Energy Probability Waves that your conscious collapses into your reality.

This is the infinite energy that you have available to you to create your world any way you want.

You need to understand what resonance is.  In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies.  That means energy waves vibrating at the same frequency will attract each other, combine and increase in amplitude.  As you now know, the bigger the amplitude, the higher the probability the wave will collapse into its physical counterpart.  

You have learned that your heart and brain create an electromagnetic field that is sent out into the universe.  Now really think about this, your heart and brain are a creation of energy.  You are a creation of this energy.  So in a sense, this electromagnetic field is YOU. Let that sink in.

You know you create your electromagnetic field with your emotions.  Your field is going to pull towards your other fields, which match your emotional state.

Now let’s go back to the double slit experiment. We saw that when the experiment was observed, the electrons became physical matter.  When the experiment was not observed, the electrons became waves and interfered with each other, as was noted by the interference pattern on the screen.  When the peaks and the troughs of the waves aligned, it increased the amplitude of the wave, but when they were not aligned, it canceled the wave.

Look at the waves above.  If you are sending out an emotional wave of fear and the universe matches your fear, then your waves combine into one wave with a larger amplitude.  We know this means a bigger probability of bringing about circumstances related to your fear.

But what if you are sending out the emotion of love?  The universe can’t match your wave of love with a wave of fear.  The troughs and crests interfere with each other and cancel out the wave.  The fear wave disappears.  You kept the fear wave from manifesting.  You might notice that your love wave got canceled too.  But if you keep sending out the emotion of love, you will find a match.  It has to happen.  It is a law of the universe, just like the law of gravity.

Now I want to show you how to feel the energy of the universe.  It is everywhere and constantly moving through you and everything in the universe.  This is actually a very simple thing to do.  You are energy.  You are becoming aware of what you are.  It’s just like noticing a part of you, like your hand.  

Don’t look at your hand. But feel its presence. You can tell where it is in the space around you.  Still not looking at your hand, move it in a circular motion, like you are waving at someone by making a circle.  See your hand in your mind.  Now close your eyes and put your hand a few inches from your face.  Make an intention to feel the energy of the universe. Slow your breathing.  Relax every muscle in your body.  I actually find this experience to be more effective if you are lying flat on your back.  A great time to do this is when you go to bed. 

Slow your intention even more and relax your body even more.  Hold the intention of feeling universal energy.  Keep your eyes closed.  Picture waves of energy flowing through your hand. You will soon feel your hand start to tingle.  The tingle will start to get stronger.  You are feeling the energy, a little prickly sensation.  Now picture that energy flowing through your entire body.  Usually will feel your entire body start tingling a part at a time.

Once you feel the energy flowing through your entire body, you can concentrate even more on the energy.  You can increase the energy flow.  Your body will start to tingle even more.  Your whole body will begin vibrating.  It will take some practice, but you can increase the vibration to a point where you no longer feel your body. All you experience is energy.  You no longer have any distinction between your body and the outside world. You have merged with the entire universe.  

It is important to keep your eyes shut.  Any identification with the physical world will lower your vibration.  It is also important you only keep your mind on the vibration.  Concentration on any other thoughts of the physical world will pull you out of the vibration.    

Again this takes time to master.  After I did it the first time, I found it very hard to do it again. I loved the experience so much.  I so wanted to experience it again, but every time I would get my vibration to a very high level and know I was about to lose all distinction between the world and my body, I would get very excited. My breathing would become shallow.  I wanted to experience it again so badly, but the exciting feeling would pull me back down to a lower vibration.  Just keep practicing.  You will experience something amazing.

Here is another even simpler way to experience the energy.  This one is a little more subtle.  You can do this one with your eyes open.

Relax your arms and hands.  Begin to feel the energy in your hands.  Place your hands in front of you like you are holding a basketball.  Feel the energy getting stronger.  Slowly push and bring your hands closer together.  Feel yourself pushing the energy between your hands.  Keep moving your hands closer very slowly and gently.  Soon you will feel the energy ever so slightly pushing back.  It will be as if your hands are two magnets repelling each other.  This is a very subtle effect.  But you will feel it. 

Whether feeling the energy throughout your body like in the first example or just the subtle effect in the second example, try and keep your mind off anything physical.  Enjoy the experience for as long as you like.  When you come back to experiencing the physical, you will have the assurance of knowing that energy is always there and that energy is there for you.  You will always have the energy available to shape and form your physical reality.  You are an artist painting the canvas of your life, and you are always free to start with a blank canvas and create a work of exquisite beauty.  Nothing in the physical world can take that away from you. Absolutely nothing.