Lesson 22: The Little Brain In The Heart

The Little Brain In The Heart

I want to ask you a question…

What is the purpose of our heart?

If you are like most, your answer is something like, “It pumps blood through our body.”

That is true.  The heart beats over 100,000 times a day and circulates about 2,000 gallons of blood through over 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

Did you know the heart has other functions?

If you have not heard this information before, this is going to be another lesson that is going to freak you out.  Get ready!

What if the heart, like the brain, is also capable of storing memories?

What if the heart is also responsible for what we call intuition?

What if the heart is also a source of wisdom?

Your heart has about 40,000 special neurons called neurites.


Yes, your heart has neurons.  Neurons are the brain cells we talked about in chapter one.  These 40,000 neurites are actually being called the little brain in the heart.

Here is an interesting story about the little brain. 

Not long after a heart transplant, a young girl started getting cravings for chicken nuggets and green peppers. Can you imagine her surprise when she found out that chicken nuggets and green peppers were the favorite foods of her heart donor? 

Here is an even stranger story.  An eight-year-old girl received the heart of a ten-year-old girl who had been murdered.  After receiving the heart, she began having dreams which were details of the murder. The details led authorities to track down the killer of her heart donor.

These types of phenomena have been reported over and over again by heart transplant recipients. There truly is a connection between the brain and the heart, and when we make that connection, our potential skyrockets.

We have always thought of our emotions as emanating from the heart, and it appears that is exactly what happens.  The heart converts emotions into the electrical language used by the brain.  The heart tells our brain exactly what our body needs during any emotional state.  There really is a two-way communication between the heart and the brain.

When we use our brains, we try to be logical and think things out and see if we can find the best course of action.  We weigh the pros and cons and then try and come up with a plan, steps one, two, three…

This is often necessary but what we forget to do is consult with our hearts.  You need to rely on the incredible wisdom of your heart.  There is no better way to say it, except somehow the heart just knows.

We have already shown how the heart retains memories, many memories you have long forgotten. The heart uses these memories and learns from them even without you knowing. Your heart takes your past experiences and remembers outcomes you have totally forgotten.  Then it combines everything, takes a little bit here and a little bit there, and combines everything together to gain insights of pure wisdom.  It then passes this wisdom on to you in the form of a gut feeling.  A feeling we have that something is correct or there is something we need to do, but we don’t really know why. We just feel a pulling telling us this is the way to go.

Your heart doesn’t have the time to tell you how it took all those memories and cut them up, and recombined them to make its decision. It just gives you that guiding feeling.

So how do we take advantage of the wisdom of our heart?

Be open to it.  Trust that feeling.  Develop a relationship with your heart. When you follow your heart and discover what it is telling you to be correct over and over again, your trust in your heart will grow.  You will then find that your heart begins communicating with you even more.

So, you know now your heart will guide you.  You know infinite intelligence will guide you.  Are you feeling pretty safe?  But it gets even better.

Let me remind you again of the electromagnetic field surrounding your body.  Your intention is the electric charge created by your brain.  Your emotion is the magnetic charge created by your heart.  The two combine and make an electromagnetic field.  Your brain creates the electric.  Your heart creates the magnetic.

Put your heart into sync with your brain, and you create a coherence that produces an electromagnetic field around your body that will interact with the Quantum Field and drastically increase the probability of the waves of your greatest desires which you will soon be able to collapse with your consciousness. 

So how do you put the brain and heart in sync?

Develop an intent so strong that nothing is going to stand in your way of seeing your dream unfold, and back that intent with an unwavering belief; you just know you are going to get what you want.  You can feel the experience already. Positive emotions are high.  You are feeling good.  Again, you just know things are going to work out.  A slight feeling of doubt may enter your mind, and I mean slight, but you can dismiss it just as fast as it shows up.  You know the doubt is nothing more than your mind lying to you.

When you are in that determined state of belief, the electromagnetic field surrounding your body becomes a supercharged magnet, and it instantly begins pulling your wants and desires to you at an incredible rate.  Just don’t turn it off at the last minute.  Too many people do that way too often. It’s like right in front of them, and then just before they can see it, they turn off the magnet, and away goes the dream. 

As we mentioned in a previous lesson, determine your intent.  Feel the emotion.   Enter the Quantum Field by clearing all your physical thoughts.  This will combine you with Infinite Intelligence.  Don’t worry about how anymore. That is a physical thought.  Just know what you want is coming.  Just relax and enjoy.