Lesson 21: Everything Is One

Everything Is One

All of us have the potential to shape our world, which is far beyond what is comprehendible. To most, it is unbelievable.  This is why you needed to learn about Special Relativity and Quantum Physics, so you now know what our universe is really like. Our universe and everything in it is pure energy that we have the power to turn into our physical reality, waves of probability that are there but not there; that exist but do not exist.

Can you think of anything else in this world that is like that?  There is one.

Think of your thoughts.  Are your thoughts real?  Of course, they are.

Do your thoughts not also exist?  They are very real to you, and they also have the potential to take form in the physical world.

So, what have we learned so far?

We know there is a field of infinite potential which shapes the entire universe.   We have no direct experience of this field because our brain converts the field into the physical reality we live in daily.  But our physical reality is only of secondary importance. 

Everything that happens to us in this life is first a state in the field of infinite potential, and anything and everything that can happen is ALREADY in this state of infinite possibility.

Unfortunately, most of the world believes in materialism, believing that all there is in the world is what we can observe with our five senses.  They might believe in a higher spiritual plane that is beyond this world, but they think the physical world they are living in is concrete, unmalleable, and completely unchangeable.

We know different.  We know matter is shifting in and out into wave-like states, and we can say it is nowhere when matter is in a wave state.  We know it takes consciousness to bring matter out of the wave state and into its concrete form.  We know the universe is made of waveforms, and our consciousness collapses those waveforms into what becomes our reality. As we mentioned above, waveforms are very similar to thoughts created by our minds. 

So does this mean the universe has a mind?  Does this mean our mind is connected to the entire universe?

Yes, it does.

We talked about Carl Jung and the Collective Unconscious mind we are all a part of.  This means that while our thoughts are our own, we also have access to thoughts from Infinite Intelligence.  That field is always acting in us to guide us.  There is a constant connection between our mind and the mind of the universe. 

Here is another way of looking at it. There is this infinite realm of potentiality throughout the entire universe.  Everything is connected to everything.  You are an indivisible part of the universe.  You can never be separate from it.  Therefore, there is a constant infinite potential within you that is always going to be there whenever you need it because it is you.


Therefore, your Infinite Intelligence is here in the form of you for a reason.  You have meaning.

Stop seeing everything as separate.  See the wholeness.   See everyone as one. 

How tremendous would the change be if everyone saw the entire world as one?

In a past lesson, we discussed how when you see something, and it is light entering your eyes.  When we talked about Special Relativity, we said if you want to see what a person is doing on a planet 5 light years away from you, it will take light 5 years to reach you, so you are essentially seeing something that happened 5 years in the past.  The reason is that nothing can move faster than the speed of light.  You will always measure the speed of light moving at the same rate, no matter how fast you move.

We also discussed the EPR experiment and how each particle instantly knew when the other particle had been measured and instantly took its appropriate spin.  The crazy thing is it doesn’t matter how far the particles are away from each other.  If the particles were five light years away, we would expect the information to take 5 years for the particles to communicate, but the transformation is instantaneous.  But how can that be possible?  Information cannot spread faster than the speed of light.

If everything is one, then there is no problem. We, as finite beings, may not be able to perceive information faster than the speed of light.  Being one, Infinite Intelligence can instantly know and control what is going on everywhere. 

Again, never forget.  Like a wave in the ocean, you are a part of Infinite Intelligence, and infinite Intelligence is you. 

Here is a fun experiment we want you to try.  The next time you are at a mall or a place with many people, find a place to sit and observe.  As people walk by, tell yourself, that person is me, that person is me, that person is me.  See what happens. You will find the experience very interesting.

So go tell this lesson to someone and tell them that you are me and I am you.  See what they say.