Lesson 2: Your Incredible Memory, Yes Your memory

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IMPORTANT:  Before reading this email, set the intent in your mind that you are going to learn this material, and there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you can’t.    Determine that nothing is going to stop you from mastering this class.  It’s not even really going to be that hard.


Your Incredible Memory – Yes, Your Memory

As we mentioned in the last chapter, learning is neurons in your brain clustering to make a neural network related to what you are trying to learn. The larger the neural cluster, the more you are a master of the topic, activity, or skill.
One of the best ways to learn (make those neurons cluster) is to connect something you are trying to learn to something you already know. Make those neural networks grow faster by connecting new neurons to old, familiar neurons.
Find some way to connect this book to something you find interesting. How can you use the information in this book to complement or aide you in something you like? Do you have a hobby? Is there some way the information in this class can help you add to the enjoyment of your hobby? Think about it. You probably won’t have to think too hard.
I like to paint. I like to paint abstract art related to the concepts of special relativity and quantum physics because, as you will see, those concepts can be way out there. In just a few lessons, you will discover this for yourself.
We will tell you other ways to connect this book to things you already know, but you must do some things first.
First, understand that a powerful, learning brain that can take in and remember information with ease is not a gift. Those who do incredible things with their mind, such as perform what seems impossible feats of memory, had to develop and practice that memory skill. Convince yourself that you can do that too. In this lesson, you will do that.
Second, clear all that clutter in your mind. You know what I mean. Your mind can have over 50,000 thoughts a day. Most thoughts are repetitive. A lot are useless. A lot are very strange. So strange you would never tell another soul. They would think you were insane even though they have similar thoughts. Crazy, isn’t it?
Think about it, how can you retain new information in your mind if it needs to compete with 50,000 crazy thoughts a day? You can’t!
Learn to quiet your mind.
Before reading the rest of this lesson, find a comfortable place to sit. Now just pay attention to your breathing. Have no doubt thoughts will pop back into your head.
When that happens, just return your attention to your breathing. Try to do this for about ten minutes. After ten minutes, you will notice you are in a much calmer state. You will now be more receptive to the information in this book. Do this exercise before each new lesson in the book. Do not skip it. The benefit will be incredible.
Now we will show you an incredible way to boost your memory to a level you never thought possible. This is very fun.
Your mind is very creative. You need to use your imagination.
When trying to learn something, you need to see a picture in your mind related to what you are learning.
What is easier to remember? A picture? Or a page with hundreds of words? Obviously, the picture.
Let’s make it even easier to remember a picture. We can do it in two ways. Make the picture ridiculous. Add action to the picture.
It’s time to prove it to you.
In less than a minute, you will have the ten words below memorized, and you will know them forward and backward.

House, Pig, Airplane, Monkey, Violin, Spaceship, Grandmother, Chair, Gold, Sun

Vividly picture the story I am about to tell you in your mind.

Picture your house. A giant pink pig sits on and smashes your house. Suddenly, an airplane crashes into the pig and explodes. A monkey runs out of the burning plane into your yard and grabs a violin, and plays it. A spaceship zooms over the monkey’s head. Your grandmother is driving the spaceship. She is sitting in a chair way too big for her. The chair turns into solid gold. The spaceship continues zooming towards a bright orange sun.

You now have those ten words memorized. Not only that, you know the exact order they were listed. Test yourself and see.
Let’s try another similar memory technique.
Remember how we said the best way to learn is to connect something you are trying to learn to familiar things?
Let’s see how to do that and stick with creating a crazy image.
What is one thing in this world with which you are very familiar?
How about your house?
Now I want you to picture Albert Einstein with his wild, crazy hair changing a light bulb in some room in your house. If you don’t know what Einstein looks like, look him up on the internet. See a vivid picture of Einstein changing that light bulb in your house.
Why that image? The central concept of the theory of special relativity deals with the strange nature of light.
Trust me when I say you have now cemented that picture in your brain, and it is going to be almost impossible for you to forget, and so is the information you have connected to the picture. You now know special relativity and light are related.
But we can go even further. Take a moment, just a minute or two, and doodle that picture on a piece of paper. You don’t have to be an artist. It can suck. Just as long as you know what it is.
Now put that piece of paper in a conspicuous place where you will see it often. Every time you see the paper, you will be reminded of what it means, strengthening your neural connections every single time.
You have already started learning the theory of relativity.
This is why I will have you draw a picture of each lesson in the class.
This process may seem kind of weird at first, and it is weird, but that is why it works. Our brain easily remembers weird things.
You can’t talk about improving your memory without discussing mind mapping.


The image above is actually a mind map for mind mapping.

Mind mapping was initially used as a replacement for taking notes, but it can also be used for planning, organizing, and problem-solving.

Before we discuss mind mapping, I have to say, note-taking SUCKS! It has been scientifically proven to be a terrible way to remember something. After taking the notes, you will remember a little of what you wrote down. Plus, you will often miss key information because you are concentrating on writing.

Note-taking is linear, and as we have shown, memory is associative. You associate what you are learning with images and things you already know.

Mind mapping is easy. On a piece of paper, write your main topic in the center and circle it.

As you cover subtopics, draw branches extending from the center circle and label them. As you learn something more about the subtopic, make branches off from your subtopic branch, and label them. You can branch off as often as you need. Try to label each branch with just one word or a very short phrase.

Here are three tips to make your mind maps even better:

1. Use images often. 
2. Use different colors for each topic.
3. Develop your own style. There is no wrong way to do a mind map. If it works for you, then you are doing it right.

Below is an example of a mind map for time management.

Make a mind map for each lesson. When we start talking about special relativity and quantum physics, mind maps will be so helpful.

One last thing before we end this lesson, and this is very important.
Every night when you go to sleep, review the day’s lesson in your mind. Let it be one of your last thoughts before you fall asleep. This will pass it on to your subconscious mind. That is when magic is created. We will discuss the power of your subconscious mind in an upcoming lesson.

Okay, now it is time to draw a picture representing what you have just learned and teach someone else. Again, please do this. It is imperative. You will understand why as we get into later lessons.

In these first lessons, we have been learning about your brain and mind. In the next lesson, you will see that you are not your brain or your mind.