Lesson 19: Create Your Reality

Your consciousness can connect to this field and greater frequencies of information.  Look at the image above.  In previous lessons, we discussed how our brain converts the energy of a wave into the sights and sounds of our reality.  We know that we are not our brain or our mind.  We know we are the consciousness observing our brain and our mind.  Just as we make our consciousness aware of our physical reality, we can also make our consciousness aware of the Quantum Reality.  It’s kind of like directing your consciousness in a different direction.  Instead of looking forward, look behind you. Don’t take that literally. We know outside of reality, there is no physical direction. 

When we are in the Quantum Reality, we can create our world any way we want.  

How do we do that?

Do you remember we said waves have an infinite amount of frequencies?  You will remember in the physical world. These frequencies are limited by the quantum nature of physical reality, which requires energy to come in small, individual chunks.  Well, in Quantum Reality, frequencies are infinite.

Frequencies are carriers of information; therefore, you have access to an infinite amount of frequencies.  This means you have an infinite amount of energy with which to create your world.  In the Quantum world, all things, and I mean everything you could possibly think of, exists as a probability.    

You are turning energy into matter. Your consciousness is interacting with a greater consciousness, infinite intelligence, and you are working together to turn probabilities into reality.  

Hopefully, now you are thinking back to Schrodinger’s Equation and how it lets us determine probability waves.  You will remember the image above showing probability waves.  The bigger the wave, the bigger the chance of it collapsing into reality.  Let’s look at the waves a little differently now. The waves show the probability of events that may or may not happen in your life.  

What determines what events the waves represent?  Your imagination mixed with emotion.  What you have running through your mind day after day and your emotional state create the probability waves.

So what determines the final result? Which wave collapses? Get ready for it.  Here it comes.  The biggest factor in determining which wave becomes your physical reality is your belief.  If you truly believe it, you will see it. 

So now I’m sure you want to know how to take your conscious awareness out of your physical reality and put it into the Quantum Realm. 

You need to take your mind off anything that has to do with the material world.  Easier said than done.  Right?

The best way to do that is to sit in a dark room and close your eyes.  Concentrate on slowing your breathing. You can learn to feel the energy all around you.  You can learn to see the energy.  We will spend an entire lesson in the future showing you how to do this.

Concentrate on that energy.  If a thought about the material world pops into your mind, you have just been booted out of the Quantum Realm.  Don’t worry about it.  Just start over and go back in.  You will find the more you practice entering the Quantum Field, the easier it will be to concentrate on just the energy and not have thoughts pop back into your head. 

This is where most people get stuck.  They collapse the wave into the same experience over and over again. You need to take your attention off everything you know in your life and center it on the Quantum Realm.  The longer you can keep your attention in the Quantum Field, a field of pure, infinite energy, the more you create new experiences.

You are actually no longer affected by negative neural networks.  Newer networks begin to form.  Your negative patterns of the past are changing.

Brainwaves get slower and move from beta to alpha and theta.  This allows your subconscious to take over and connect with the Quantum Field and Infinite Intelligence.

You discover you can create new neural networks at an incredible rate.  You might even say it is a Quantum Leap in intelligence.  You suddenly know what you did not know.  It is an incredible thing to experience.

Before you enter the Quantum Reality, you need to have a clear intention and strong emotion.  You need to decide exactly what you want and feel the emotion of already having it.  Use your imagination to see what you want just as clearly as if you were watching it on a huge movie screen.  Pay attention to all the details.

Do you remember in a previous lesson when we mentioned you have an electromagnetic field surrounding your body?  Your intention is the electric charge created by your brain.  Your emotion is the magnetic charge created by your heart.  The two combine and make an electromagnetic field.  Your brain creates the electric.  Your heart creates the magnetic.

This attracts what you want to you.  It connects with a vibrational frequency match between your energy and a match in the Quantum Field.  

All you have to do is focus on the intent and emotion.  Do not worry about the how?  That is counter-productive.  Infinite Intelligence will create the final outcome. 

Remember, everything, absolutely everything exists as a probability frequency.   The more you tune into the Quantum Realm, the easier it gets to turn those frequencies into reality.

Stop thinking some things are just impossible for you to do, have or be.  You are part of Infinite Intelligence, just as any other person who has ever lived.  Infinite intelligence does not play favorites. If it appears in one person’s life, be sure, it can appear in yours too.

If you haven’t collapsed the wave you want yet, you will.  Remember, the biggest determining factor on whether a wave collapses is belief. We will also spend a lesson helping you develop belief. We know that it can be hard when everything around you seems to be the exact opposite of what you want.

The funny thing is people tend to focus on the bad more often than the good, and they wonder why their life is so hard.

This lesson has mostly been a summary of what you need to do to create your own reality.  We will go into more detail on many of the things we mentioned in this lesson.  It won’t be much longer, and you will become a master of collapsing wave functions into the reality of your own choosing.

You know what to do next.