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Welcome to The Paradigm Shift Class.

I want to tell you something about yourself. You may already know it, but most don’t.
You are a genius!

There is nothing in this universe that someone else understands that you cannot also understand.

If someone else can comprehend it, it can be explained to you in a way that will become perfectly clear.
It doesn’t matter what it is, math, physics, music, poetry, history, biology, psychology, philosophy, ANYTHING!

I 100% guarantee you that if you want to know it, you can, and if you stick with me through this class, I will freak you out. You will learn some things you probably thought were way out of your league.

The significant breakthrough in life comes when you realize that you can learn anything you need to know to accomplish any goal you set for yourself.  This means there are no limits on what you can be, have, or do.
– Brian Tracy

Are you the product of an inefficient school system?

Chances are you were never taught how to achieve your full potential, and this led you to believe you were just not capable of understanding certain things.  This is so not true.

Chances are there were many things that you should have been taught, but you were not.  And that may have been on purpose.

You were never even taught how to learn.

Think about it.

Do you know what is happening with your brain when you are learning?  Most do not.  Probably most, if not all, the teachers you had through your school years couldn’t tell you what your brain was doing either.

Does that not strike you as odd?

Should it not be essential that we know what our brain is doing when we are learning?  Doesn’t it make sense that knowing what your brain does while learning will help you learn?

Again, were you ever even taught how to learn?  Or were you just put in a classroom and told, “Do your best.”

Can you be taught how to learn?

You better believe you can! 

That is why the Paradigm Shift Class will begin by teaching what your brain is doing while learning and showing you new simple ways to learn that will amaze you.  You will be saying, “Why didn’t I think to do that before?”

We will even let you know the ineffective techniques that many believe help you learn but don’t do much good.
This is why we created the Paradigm Shift Class.  We are going to provide you the solutions for the failures in the school system, and we are going to show you your full potential.

Another benefit of The Paradigm Shift Class is that you will drastically improve your memory.

It doesn’t matter if you are 10 or 100. The Paradigm Shift Class is going to improve your memory drastically.  You are going to be amazed at many of the things your brain can do.  You are going to do something that you thought was way beyond your abilities
Here is my first promise to you. After finishing this class (JUST ONE MONTH), you will have a solid understanding of Calculus, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and Quantum Physics. You will grasp these concepts so well that you can sit down with any college professor who teaches these courses and have a brilliant conversation. And this is going to be fun and easy.

I chose Calculus, Relativity, and Quantum Physics for a reason.

First, in the minds of most, Calculus is the math of math incomprehensible to most mortal men and women. I will start with Calculus because once you see you can understand it, your mind will be forever changed. It will be a true Paradigm Shift for you, and it will instill confidence in you that you may not have experienced before. So when we begin tackling Relativity and Quantum Physics, you will be like, “I’m ready! Bring it on!”

Now the reason I chose Relativity and Quantum Physics is because…

It is an absolute necessity that you understand those concepts.

Quantum Physics and Relativity explain the reality of the world we live in today, which is very strange. Yet most of the world is clueless and entirely unaware of essential facts that significantly impact their daily lives. It is sad and crazy that these subjects are not taught in schools at an early age, and even elementary students could quickly grasp the basic concepts.

You need to understand Relativity and Quantum Physics, so you can see just how strange yet wonderful this world we live in really is.

Please, I beg you not to stay uninformed and in the dark anymore. Please.

Here is my second promise to you. There is a world out there that very few can see. This world is truly magical, and it is a world you can control completely. It is a world in which you can bring all your dreams and desires into reality. After finishing this class, I guarantee you will see that world.

But to truly understand it, you must understand Quantum Physics and Relativity. It is a necessity, and there is no getting around it.

Now here is how truly strange Relativity and Quantum Physics are.

We will cover Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, which tells us we all experience time differently. An hour passing for you may not be the same as an hour passing for me, and my hour could be longer or shorter than yours. But if we look at a clock, we will both see an hour has passed. So, if your hour is passing faster than mine, you are aging faster than me. I told you this stuff was weird.

If you think that is strange, it only gets worse. Quantum Physics tells us that everything is just a wave of energy until we look, then it becomes the object we see in the material world (rocks, trees, cats, people) but only because of our observation. So, if nobody is in your kitchen, is it there? We will see.

But as strange as they seem, if it were not for Relativity and Quantum Physics, we would not have computers, cellphones, GPS, TVs, and just about every convenience we have today.

You will be sent one email a day for the next thirty days. Some days the emails will be brief, and some days a little longer. Each email will contain exactly what you need for that day.

Please read the email the day you get it. Make sure you understand the content of the email. It will not be hard.

Besides this email, you should have already received your first lesson.

Please try not to let the emails back up, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES read more than one UNREAD email a day (except read the two you got today) and make sure you understand (AND YOU WILL) the contents of an older email before you go on to a new one. Re-reading older emails are fine and often very beneficial. Each consecutive email will build on what you have learned from the previous.

Again, I can’t overemphasize this. You will understand this stuff. My ten-year-old niece did.

Before you start the first email, you need to do something. You need to find a song that represents what you want your future to be like. It needs to be an upbeat song that puts you in a good mood and inspires you. Listen to that song before you read each email. You will be surprised what that will do for you.  Don’t worry about why right now.  You will discover that as you go through the class.  Just please do it.  It is so important!
After reading the email, there are two things you must do.  Doing these two things are so important, and please do not think that you don’t need to do them.  These two tasks will cement the new knowledge in your mind quicker than ever imagined.

Here are the two tasks…

1.    After reading the email, draw a picture representing what you learned in the class. What do you draw?  Anything you want.  You don’t need to spend much time on it, and it does not have to be a work of art.  Just something that reminds you of what you just learned.  We will give you some ideas for the first few lessons to get you started. 

2.   Teach someone else what you just learned.  If no one is available, pretend you are teaching someone. Get in front of a mirror, teach your reflection, and be sure to speak out loud.
Please do not skip these crucial steps.

We will begin the course by learning about your brain. You will see exactly what happens inside your brain when learning something new. Once you understand your brain, you are as good as gold.

You will be taught a way to learn that you are probably not familiar with. You are literally going to have to get out of your mind. When you think of something, you usually see it in your head. Can you see it in your heart?

You might want to know a little bit about the creator of the class. My name is Craig Jackson, and I am the owner of Paradigm Shift (Almost 300,000 likes on Facebook). Our goal is to show that life does not have to be the struggle everyone makes it out to be. There is a magical world out there so many cannot see, and we want to show you that world. Hundreds of thousands of people weekly read what we have to say.

I am not a mathematician or scientist; I took one year of Calculus in high school and have never taken a Quantum Physics or Relativity class.

I mainly learned by reading, and the techniques I will teach you will blow your mind. With a fear of being immodest, I must say I know Quantum Physics and Relativity very well. And I can explain those concepts in a way that will make them easy for you to understand. Because I didn’t go through the formal education route, I know the questions I had, and I know you will have them too. I know many of the areas you will question even before you do.

Often when someone knows something so well that it just becomes second nature to them, they do not do a good job explaining it to someone with no experience. They may leave out something that goes without saying to them. But it so does not. You would be surprised how sometimes just that one left-out piece of information is often the missing key, allowing everything to make perfect sense to you.

Many times, over and over, what I thought was a complex topic was just not being explained very well. And when I finally understood the subject matter, I discovered that it was not that hard at all. And so will you.

Many topics we will discuss will apply Relativity and Quantum Physics spiritually and metaphysically. To many scientists, these topics are taboo, and they could even lose their jobs.

You are going to see you live in two universes. One universe that we see and experience every day and one that is hard for us to see seems to make no sense, but it is there, and we are in it.

These are two universes that contradict one another, and scientists can’t reconcile how they can both exist together, but they do. You and everything you see around you wouldn’t exist if we didn’t live in both.

The universe you cannot see may even be more real than the one you can. It is the universe in which creation occurs. Everything in the physical universe comes from the nonphysical universe. It’s like your thoughts. Are your thoughts real? Yes. You will see just how big a role your thoughts play in your life.

There has been a long debate.  Where does consciousness come from? Is it a creation of the brain, or is it something outside the brain? You will learn from Quantum Physics that there is no doubt our consciousness comes from outside our brain. You are not your brain, and you are something much more. Consciousness creates the brain, not vice versa.

We hope everyone who takes the class will contribute. A comments and questions page will be set up, and we want everyone to feel free to comment and reply to questions.

After taking the class, you will be empowered and realize so much of your potential. You will, without a doubt, see for yourself that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, you are not capable of learning and understanding. It will change how you live your life.
So, what are you waiting for?

Read the first lesson!

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The Paradigm Shift Class is now 100% online.  You no longer have to wait for the next email.  Click here to go to the web page.

The password is 18Shift18#

Be sure to capitalize the S in Shift.