Our Intention Creates Our Reality

Your intentions will become your reality, guaranteed.

We are all energy.  Everything is energy.

Just like your phone or television turns energy into sights and sounds, your brain converts energy into the sights and sounds of your reality.  Your brain is so much more powerful than a phone or TV.

Your brain forms energy into your reality based on your thoughts and emotions.  Just like you can change the channel on a television to view something different, you can change the “channel” of your life, so your brain views something different.

How do you change the channel of your life?

Through intention.  Hold an unwavering intention in your mind and mix it with strong emotion, and magic will happen.

But here is where most books and authors leave you hanging.  They convince you that is all you have to do.  But there is one problem we first need to overcome.  We don’t always know what our intentions are.  We can have mixed intentions. 

It is very possible for us to consciously have one intention and subconsciously want the exact opposite.  So which intention wins?

The strongest intention wins. 

So, how do we know which intention is stronger?

There is the problem. 

You need to communicate with your subconscious mind. Do you remember in the earlier chapters how we told you to communicate with your subconscious?  If not, go back and re-read them.  Communicating with your subconscious is something you are going to be doing a lot of in the rest of the class.  You need to make sure your conscious and subconscious are on the same page.  For so many, they are not even close.  This is why people are living lives that are contrary to their conscious intentions.

But why would your subconscious intent be so different from your conscious intent?

There are many reasons, but one of the biggest is change.  You don’t want change.  Change is going into the unknown, and that can be scary even if the change is good.  Change causes your body to go into a state of chemical imbalance.  This does not feel good.  So even though you may not like the situation you are in, you still prefer to keep things the same, avoid change and return your body to a chemical balance.  You give up a lifetime of something incredible to eliminate a temporary moment of discomfort. 

Your reality right now is based on your past intentions. Learn to take control of your intentions, and you control everything about your life.

The cool thing is this is not a long, dragged-out process. You can take control today.  You can see the change you want to begin to transform into your life today.  Not tomorrow.  Today.

SIMPLE CHANGE:  Do this for just one minute every day.  Think of something you want.  Picture it in your mind. Be sure you can really see it. Who or what is in the picture?  Where is it at?  What colors do you see?  Are there any sounds?  What is happening?  Now add emotion.  Feel good.  Think of anything you can to make yourself feel great.  Vividly picture this and feel the emotion for one minute.  Then stop.  Don’t worry about it anymore.  Do this again every day until you get what you want. If you are not getting what you want, keep telling yourself that your reality is a creation of your own mind.  You are going to get the results you expect to get. 

Can you make the connection between what was said in this email and Quantum Physics and Relativity?  Don’t worry if you don’t quite see it yet.  You will!

Hint:  Intentions begin as probabilities.