An enlightened response to Donald Trump. If you want to make sense of the last 4 years you need to read this book.

The fifth book in our 50 Things series.

50 Reasons The United States Got Trumped

Have no doubt Donald Trump would have loved nothing better than to have seen American democracy fall, and he a dictator over us all. Donald Trump gained many followers who were so disenfranchised with their life they would gladly have exchanged their freedom for his rule. For them, it couldn’t get any worse. He could only make things better. Donald Trump’s power comes from his supporters. Without support, he is nothing. The purpose of this book is to take away some of that support.

Have no doubt Donald Trump tried to overthrow our government system by discrediting our election system and spurring on an insurrection at our state capital. Many argue Trump had nothing to do with the Capital riots. He knew what was going on. Many argue Trump even said the word “peacefully.” That was only to cover his butt because he knew what was about to happen. He told his supporters to “fight.” Many argue others have used “fight” in the past, and Trump didn’t want an actual fight. They believe he was speaking in the generic sense, such as “fight for your rights.” However, Trump’s “fight” was not in a generic sense. It was very specific. It had a time and a place. Trump knew exactly what he wanted his words to spur in his supporters, and he got his wish. What else would any sane individual think an angry crowd would do when you tell them to fight?

This book may at first seem like one of the many books bashing Donald Trump and all the idiotic, crazy things he has done to disrupt America. If you have read any of my books, you know I am about taking responsibility for your own life, and I know beyond a doubt you can create an incredible life no matter the exterior circumstances. But living under a dictator may make circumstances a little harder.

We can’t put all of the blame on Trump. We also need to examine ourselves.

Everything is in a state of constant change. Our country needs change. Many problems need to be fixed.

What may seem like a huge problem or disruption may be necessary and lead to an ultimate solution.

Change in America doesn’t have to be bad. It can be something very good.

Perhaps Trump is that catalyst for a solution but not in the way he foresaw. Yes, Trump is a narcissistic, wannabe dictator who has blinded millions. But we can learn from our mistakes. Perhaps he has spurred on action where before there was only complacency.

The human race is always growing and evolving. We may be experiencing a huge change soon. One equal if not greater than the founding of The United States of America.

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Algebra and Einstein: Fixing the School System Part 1 – Color Print

Algebra and Einstein: Fixing the School System Part 1 – Black and White Print

We need to fix our school system!

There is nothing you cannot learn!

We are going to freak you out and show you how much of a disservice the school system has done to you. Your mind was not developed to become the genius you are. After finishing this book, which should take no more than a week, you will understand as much algebra as a student who spent an entire year in school.

The first thing you have to understand is that our school system came from Prussia. Prussia no longer exists. So that should be a warning right there. In the 1840s, Horace Mann went to Prussia to study what was becoming a very popular way of teaching children. He brought the system back to the United States, and industry giants like Rockefeller and Carnegie fell in love with it for its ability to consistently churn out supplies of “worker bees” year after year. It is not surprising that the school system is also referred to as the “factory model.” What is unbelievable is that nothing has changed for almost 200 years.

The goal of schooling is to create a labor class. The most important goals are to teach reading and writing, punctuality, prepare students for working long hours, and teach them how to follow instructions.

This stifles creativity and prohibits students from pursuing their own interests.

This has also led to the dreadful classification of students based on how “smart” they are and dividing them up into classes – the advanced, the average, and the below average. The school system decides how smart you will be, and most blindly agree and submit to a self-fulfilling prophecy that has a huge impact (and for most, not a good one) on the rest of their lives.

You may be asking why do I need to learn algebra? I don’t need it in my life.

The purpose of teaching algebra is to shift your mind. We want to show you what the school system failed to show you. We want to show you just how incredible your mind is and the amazing things it is capable of doing. Teaching you algebra in just about a week (instead of an entire year like the schools) and showing you just how easy and fun it can be will instill confidence in you that you may have never experienced before and forever change how you interact with the world.

You will truly see there is nothing you can’t do, be, or have.
We hope you will be shocked and maybe even appalled at the enormous amount of students’ time schools waste when you see you learned something in a week that schools take a year to teach. Crazy!!!

You Need To Know This Stuff

Read this book and share it with your children and grandchildren so they can see how smart they are.

You were the product of an inefficient school system. Our outdated school system came from Prussia in the 1840s designed to produce a worker class for those in power.

You are a genius and more creative than you can imagine. You have access to Infinite Intelligence.

You are not just a bunch of wired brain cells. The cool thing is because you can think of something in a different way you have the power to make it different. If you can picture a different situation you can change. Here is where it gets amazing. You can’t just be your brain because you can reprogram your brain. Think about it. You can observe your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. That requires something separate from what is going on in your mind. That which is observed also needs an observer. You are the observer. This is your higher self.

You are going to be taught some amazing things including Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics to prove to you how easily you can grasp what are thought to be “hard” concepts. You are going to forever change. You are going to see a magical world where anything is possible.

Here is my first promise to you. After finishing this book, you will have a strong understanding of Calculus, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, and Quantum Physics. You will grasp these concepts so well that you can sit down with any college professor who teaches these courses and have an intelligent conversation. And this will be fun and easy.

Here is my second promise to you. There is a world out there which few can see. This world is a magical place. It is a world in which you have complete control. It is a world in which you can bring all your dreams and desires into reality. After finishing this book, I guarantee you, you will see that world.

After reading this book you will be empowered. By seeing you can understand “hard” topics you will realize so much of your potential. You will without a doubt see for yourself there is nothing you are not capable of learning and understanding. It will change your life.

This book is an incredible blend of science and spirituality. I almost died twice. I became diabetic. My father, who was my best friend and my rock, passed with cancer. My vision was drastically blurred for over two months. One of my closest friends was put in jail for selling drugs. It just all hit me in a short time. Was it any wonder I developed an anxiety disorder and had daily panic attacks for nine months?

But I came through it. After it is over you are blessed. You find a place within you where you can go anytime to find a peace you never knew existed. You know a comfort that very few know. What you thought was the end of your life was just the beginning. You have a strength you didn’t have before. You now know there is nothing you can’t overcome. That is why during uncertain times like we are going through now, I am still in a state of peace. Nothing can compare to the nightmare I went through. I want to show you how to have the same peace I have without the nightmare.

You live in a world programmed by fear. It is hard to escape because almost everyone, and you, have become a part of this world. It is hard to see a way out. From childhood on this is the only world almost everyone knows. We are so easily influenced as a child we can’t even see it need not be this way.


50 Things You Need To Know About Einstein’s Theories of Relativity

Einstein’s Theories of Special and General Relativity explain the reality of the world and it is a very strange reality. Most of the world is clueless. They are unaware of some very important facts with a very big impact on their daily lives. It is sad. It is crazy these subjects are not taught in schools at an early age. You need to understand Einstein’s Theories of Relativity, so you can see just how strange yet wonderful this world we live in is.

Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity tells us we all experience time differently. An hour passing for you may not be the same as an hour passing for me. My hour could be longer or shorter than yours. But if we look at a clock, we will both see that an hour has passed. If your hour is passing faster than mine, you are aging faster than me. I told you this stuff was weird.

Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity tells us some very strange things about gravity and how gravity has a huge effect on space and time.

Does time even exist?

Is time just an illusion created by our brains?

Is there just one eternal NOW? Just by knowing the things in this book your life cannot help but be forever changed.

50 Things You Need To Know About Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics explains the reality of the world and it is a very strange reality. Most of the world is clueless. They are unaware of some very important facts with a very big impact on their daily lives. It is sad. It is crazy these subjects are not taught in schools at an early age. You need to understand Quantum Physics, so you can see just how strange yet wonderful this world we live in is.

Quantum Physics tells us that everything is just a wave of energy until we look, then it becomes the object we see in the material world (rocks, trees, cats, people) but only because of our observation. So, if nobody is in your kitchen is it not there? We will see.

But know this, as strange as it seems, if it were not for Quantum Physics, we would not have computers, cellphones, GPS, TVs, just about every convenience we have today.

You will see you live in two universes. One universe we see and experience every day and one universe is hard for us to see and seems to make no sense, but it is there. We are in it.

These universes contradict each other, and scientists can’t reconcile how they can both exist together, but they do. You and everything you see around you wouldn’t exist if we didn’t live in both.

The universe you cannot see may even be more real than the one you can. It is the universe in which creation occurs. Everything in the physical universe comes from the nonphysical universe. It’s like your thoughts. Are your thoughts real? Yes. You will see just how big a role your thoughts play in your life.

Just by knowing the things in this book your life cannot help but be forever changed.

50 Differences You Need To Know About Spirituality and Religion

This book is a plea, a call to become one.

We need to get a grasp on God and religion. For the most part, if you were born in a European, North American culture your brain has been wired with Christian concepts. If you live in the east, China, India you are wired for the concepts of Buddhism, Hinduism, and other eastern religions. If you live in the middle east then your brain has a lot of synapses firing with Muslim beliefs. You may not want to admit it emotionally but you have to admit there is a lot of truth to it.

Even if you do not follow any specific type of religion you still have patterns wired in your brain, cultural influences stemming from the religion in the area in which you were born. Your media, architecture, currency are all influenced by the religion of your region. For the most part, your brain was wired when you were a child. You may think that you have come to conclusions on your own, but your brain has been conditioned to see the world in such a way that supports conclusions you have been given.

Your brain is bombarded with millions of bits of data every day. To keep you from going insane you take in the data that coincides with your beliefs and discard most of the data that does not. You do this subconsciously. Most of the time you are unaware. And this is why the world seems to conform to what you believe. This is why everyone thinks their way of seeing is correct.

The problem is the majority of the world sees God as an external being, “out there”, looking down on us, judging us. God is not out there. God is “in here.” God is inside each and every one of us. This is why everyone thinks their religion is correct. They feel God inside of them and that feeling is strong and very real but they assume it is coming from an external source. Of course, if it was coming from an external source then only one religion could be correct. But the feeling is not coming from an external source. It is coming from within each and every one of us. There can be no debate over whose God is correct. We are all correct. Being in us, God is whatever we want him/her/it to be. In fact… I AM GOD!YOU ARE GOD!WE ARE GOD!

50 Things You Needed To Hear As A Child

Your brain was wired by your parents and society by the time you were age seven, mostly with limited beliefs. You are not your brain. You can rewire your brain and experience an incredible world you can’t see right now.

This book is not meant to be read it is meant to be experienced and not just once but daily. The pictures and statements in this book are purposely combined to rewire your brain. To accomplish this you need to read the book at least once daily.

We think we are seeing everything around us. We are only seeing a very minute bit. What we see is determined by what we believe. Many are taught to believe many things which limit what they are capable of seeing and therefore doing and being. This is why we created 50 Things You Needed To Hear As A Child. We want you to experience the incredible power that is in each and every one of us. The power to create your world any way you wish.

This book will rewire your brain to see that.

Children look to parents and other authority figures for security in an unfamiliar world. This in turn causes neural pathways to develop in patterns similar to the parent or authority figure. This is why children for the most part develop the same beliefs as their parents. Most live out their entire life and never question beliefs accepted as a child. The pictures and statements in this book are purposely combined to rewire your brain.

As a child we live in a world of miracles and magic. As we become adults the world loses its astonishment as we interact more and more with the harshness of society and the miracles and magic begin to fade. It does not have to. In fact it should be the exact opposite. The magic should increase but we were not told as a child how to keep the magic alive. Read (experience) 50 Things You Needed To Hear As A Child to learn how to find the magic so many have lost.

You live in a world that has been programmed in fear. It is hard to escape because almost everyone you interact with and yourself has become a part of this world. It is hard to see a way out. From childhood on this is the only world almost everyone knows. We are so easily influenced as a child that we can’t even see it does not have to be this way. Each generation brings the next into this fearful world blinded to the fact there is a way out. So the next generation accepts that this is the way it has to be. It is a vicious cycle. We can put an end to the cycle and replace it with a world of kindness, gratitude and love. Get ready for an incredible blend of empowering life changing statements and amazing photos. Read the book at least once daily. If you can do this for a week you will start seeing changes.