Magick: Experiment 1

The Master Money Ritual

These lessons are taken from the Gallery of Magic books by Damon Brand. To get the most out of our lessons you should also read his books starting with, Archangels of Magick. Our lessons will share with you the results of using the rituals in his books. We will tell you exactly what rituals we performed and the results we achieved.

I have been doing this ritual and I have had some interesting results. In the few days I have been doing the ritual unexpected money has come my way twice. It was about $100. Was it just a coincidence that happened twice? Or is there something to this ritual. Try this ritual. Really put your heart into it. Let us know your results.

This ritual is designed to attract more money on an ongoing basis. It works as a stand-alone ritual, but can also add power to all the other money magick that you perform.

On a trip to the Middle East in 2010, several members of The Gallery of Magick visited an exhibition displaying magickal artifacts and manuscripts. We gathered a great deal of information on that trip, but perhaps the paramount discovery was a pair of talismans from the manuscript of Hokhmat ha-Kabbalah ha-Ma’asit. The Hebrew letter combinations in those talismans are enormously powerful. For some time, we used the talismans in their original form.

Two years later, we began developing our own talisman, by taking the letter combinations from both talismans, combining them into one image, and arranging them according to a secret pattern. The pattern is designed to attract wealth.

Our talisman is displayed in this chapter and contains the secret letter circles, along with associated words of power and angelic names. When empowered by ritual, this talisman can attract an increase in the money that you are able to enjoy.

It works by breaking down barriers to prosperity, alerting you to opportunity and making you somebody who attracts money.

This ritual may seem long and complex, but it is surprisingly simple. It may take you a short while to learn all the steps, but once you know them, the ritual can be carried out in a few minutes.

When you first use this ritual, perform it once each day for eleven days. You can then repeat it every few months, but when you repeat it, you only need to perform it for three days in a row. Some people feel an urge to repeat this ritual after two months, and that is fine. In general, however, you should get good results if you repeat this every three or four months. Remember, you only need to do the full eleven days the very first time you use the ritual. After that, three days is all you need. If money is flowing steadily, you might only need to do the three-day ritual once a year.

When you begin, you can perform the ritual for eleven consecutive days, or if that’s impossible, you can spread the eleven days out over several weeks. Ideally, you should not leave more than two days between each ritual. So if you perform it on a Friday, but can’t work on it over the weekend, try to get started again on the Monday. If that’s impossible, due to your personal circumstances, you will still get results, but make sure you get all eleven days performed within one month.

When you repeat the working a few months later, try to find a time when you can work the ritual for three days in a row, without interruption.

This ritual involves getting into a certain state of mind, saying words of power, using emotional energy and magickal energy, as well as scanning your eyes over the talisman. The talisman is comprised of many Hebrew letters, but you don’t need to be able to read Hebrew to get this to work. If you’re curious about what the words say, most of them are divine names, words of power, angelic names and other words that call on prosperity. The letters in the circles are beyond translation. This form of magick often uses acronyms, codes, and patterns to create the desired effect, making it something that can’t be translated.

The main talisman looks like this:

When I describe the full ritual, you will be asked to scan the letters. This means that you pass your eyes over the letters, looking at their shapes. You do not attempt to read or understand them. Even if you can read Hebrew easily, there is no need to read the words. Look at the shapes of the letters with relaxed eyes, and know that the letter shapes are sinking into your consciousness.

You need to perform this scanning in a specific pattern, and the next few pages will help you to learn this. It might take you a little bit of practice to get this right. You can practice this technique freely, and it will not activate the talisman. Do not worry that by looking at the letters you might activate the talisman inadvertently. Only when you come to the ritual and deliberately activate it, will the effects begin to occur.

To begin, look at the vertical word on the left – where it says ‘Step 1 Start Here’, scan your eyes from the bottom of the word to the top.

Simply scan your eyes up the word, all the way to the top (where the head of the arrow ends). Now move your eyes across to the word on the right, for Step 2, and scan down, until you scan the final letter near the head of the arrow. For Step 3, start on the right and scan your eyes across the line of highlighted letters until you reach the point marked by the head of the arrow.

Move your eyes to the place where it says, ‘Step 4 Start Here’. Scan your eyes across the first two words, from right to left, following the direction of the arrow. Move down to the next line, and again scan from right to left. Keep moving down, one line at a time, until you have scanned all six lines of text in this section. For Step 5, move your eyes to the far right, at the bottom of the image, and scan the letters of these five words, from right to left, as indicated by the arrow.

For Step 6 you move your eyes up to the outer white circle and scan your eyes anticlockwise around the circle, three times. It’s important to start on the top right, where the arrowhead points, and then continue in an anticlockwise manner. Don’t worry if you accidentally see other letters, but you should aim to begin your scan at this point on the circle. As you move your eyes anticlockwise around this circle, you will be looking at some letters that are upside-down, and that is fine. You are not reading, but letting the letter shapes sink in, so continue this slow scanning, moving your eyes anticlockwise, taking in the shape of each letter. When you have done this three times, you can move on to the next circle.

For Step 7, move inward to the next circle, and begin scanning anticlockwise from the point shown by the head of the arrow. Again, scan these letters three times. You may find that you begin to see other letters, or even the whole talisman, out of the corner of your eye. That happens all the time and is nothing to worry about. So long as you pass your eyes over the letters as instructed, the correct letter shapes will be absorbed.

When it comes to Step 8, you move to the next circle in, but this time you start on the bottom left. Again, move your eyes around the circle in an anticlockwise direction, three times.

Move to the next circle inward, for Step 9, and begin the scan at the head of the arrow, moving anticlockwise around the circle three times. If you’re unfamiliar with these letters, it may take some practice to remember where these starting points are. If you look closely, you’ll see that there is a slightly larger gap between the words at each of these starting points. That gap can help you to locate the starting point when you are learning how to use this talisman.

When you come to the central circle, you are looking at a list of three words. Starting with the uppermost word, scan the two letters from right to left. Move down to the next word and scan the letters from right to left. Move down to the lower word, and scan the letters from right to left. Finally, allow yourself to see the circle itself, taking in its shape. You may or may not be aware of the letters contained within the circle at this point.

Brand, Damon. Magickal Riches: Occult Rituals For Manifesting Money (The Gallery of Magick) (p. 30). Kindle Edition.

The final scan is not a letter scan, but a way of taking in the entire talisman. Start at the top, in the exact center, as shown, and scan down. Keep moving your eyes down, until you reach the base. This should not take more than five seconds, because it is a scan, rather than an attempt to see everything in detail.

When you scan the letters during the ritual, you also need to imagine a fiery light arising from the talisman. If you can visualize at all, then as you scan over the letters, let a fiery light – like the light you see in a fire – burn through all the white parts of the image. The light can be a steady glow or can flicker like a flame. If you struggle with visualization, simply know there is a fiery light around the letters.

When you scan white letters against a black background, picture the white letters as glowing or burning with fire. When you scan black letters against a white background, you scan the letters and see them surrounded by the glowing light. In short, all the white parts of the image are turned to yellow-orangey fire with your imagination.

Do not put too much effort into this. Is should not be a strain. You will find that it becomes easier with time, and whatever visualization skills you have will be sufficient.

Once you’re familiar with the correct scanning pattern, and this addition of the colored light, you can start work on the ritual itself.

With the talisman in front of you, remember a time when you felt a great lack or some kind of poverty or pain. As discussed in the first part of the book, this should not be an emotion about money itself – such as losing money, or getting a wage cut – but an emotion about your life and experience when there wasn’t enough money. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one. If you lost your wallet and couldn’t buy dinner, don’t think about the money you lost, but think about how hungry you were when you missed out on dinner.

This doesn’t have to be a traumatic memory or even a clear one, but it should be a memory that makes you recall the feeling of being without the things you wanted or needed. It could be a distant memory or something from this morning. It might be the same memory every time you perform the ritual or something different. All you are trying to do is attain a state where you recognize the feeling of lack.

Avoid putting words or judgments on this feeling. Try not to think about how or why the situation came about, or who was to blame, but focus on the pure emotion. For example, I often remember a time when I was living in a cold house, and when the heating broke my landlord refused to pay for repairs. I couldn’t afford to get the work done, so I felt a clear and obvious lack. When using this memory, I don’t focus on my anger at the landlord, and I certainly don’t focus on how empty my bank account was at the time. Instead, I focus on the sensation of feeling utterly bereft because I couldn’t get myself the comfort I wanted. I focus on feeling cold and unable to get out of that situation.

I have plenty of mildly amusing memories involving poverty, but those are not ideal for this process. It’s best to remember something that stirs a slightly unpleasant feeling. The key here is to find a memory that involves the feeling of poverty, without actually focusing on the lack of money.

Ideal memories would be:

A time when you couldn’t afford food. You’d focus on the hunger, not the lack of money.

When your car broke because you couldn’t afford repairs. You focus on the feeling of owning an inferior and broken car, not the money you needed to repair it.

The time you couldn’t pay the rent. You focus on the fear of being evicted, rather than the fact that you didn’t have money for the rent.

A trip you wanted to take, that never came to fruition. Focus on the feeling of having missed out, rather than on why you couldn’t afford it.

As you can see, there are many different ways to approach this, but always focus on the emotional experience that was brought about by a lack of money. You may want to plan ahead and work out an effective memory before diving into the ritual. Some people prefer to hunt for a memory while in the ritual. This is a matter of personal preference.

Whatever memory you use, it is important that you experience the emotion all over again, as though it is happening now. Let the feeling arise, and sit with this feeling, without judgment. Observe it and acknowledge that the pain or discomfort in the memory is real.

You now speak a series of names and words that call on angelic aid, to bring relief from lack. There are many angelic names listed in this talisman, but this short series of words ends with the name of Metatron, binding the talisman to the power of this mighty archangel.

Ideally, you should say these words out loud, spoken with calm authority and a clear voice. If you cannot say the words out loud, due to privacy issues, imagine the sound of the words, and imagine that you are calling to the ends of the universe. Know that as you say the words you are attracting the attention of the many angels that are named in the talisman.

Here are the words you say:





Most of the sounds are just like English, except for the CH sound, which is like the ch in the Scottish loch or the German achtung.

Having said the words, you now transmute the emotion. In the earlier part of the book, you were shown how to find feelings of abundance, prosperity and wealth, by focusing on the results of money, rather than on money itself. At this point in the ritual, you allow your emotions to change from the feeling of lack to the feeling of having or enjoying something (that would be achieved by having money, but without thinking about the money.)

Do not use a memory, but invent something new. Do not imagine something that is simply pleasant, such as spending time with your family. Instead, imagine something that would bring you joy, but something that could only be achieved by having more money. The purpose of this exercise is to create emotion, rather than to aim for an actual result that you want to manifest.

You might, for example, imagine the pleasure of driving a new car. You focus on the pleasure of driving, not on the money required to own the car. If you focus on a vacation, feel the pleasure of being on that vacation, without thinking about where the money came from.

Each time you perform the ritual, you can use the same imagined outcome, or you can use something different every time if that helps to generate more emotion. It’s important to know that you are simply creating a feeling. You are not actually trying to make this specific future come to pass, although it may well do so. When choosing something to think about, you are free to dream big. Whatever you think about should make you feel good, whether you actually think it is possible or not.

In some cases, you may get the most pleasure from thinking about a reality that is possible and within reach. If a shopping trip to buy new clothes would bring you great pleasure at this point in your life, that might be more effective than imagining yourself living in a mansion. Use the images and ideas that generate the best feelings for you.

You may even want to think about something that is very close to the subject of money. If, for example, you are badly in debt, and want to clear your credit card debt and pay your bills, you might get the most pleasure from being out of debt and paying those bills. This would probably give you more joy than an imagined vacation that feels impossible. If that’s the case, then go ahead and imagine a debt-free life. But you should still do this without thinking about the money. So rather than thinking about paying off the debt or paying the bills, you can picture your credit card statement at 0, and all your bills stamped with the word PAID. Feel the pleasure of being out of debt and free, rather than thinking about paying the debt off.

It’s important to remember that you are not trying to create a specific future here. You are only transmuting emotion, so what you imagine here is only meant to make you feel good, as though you already have plenty of money. As such, you can imagine things that feel truly impossible or things that may come to pass. There is absolutely no harm in picturing things that you want to happen. If you want to travel the world, picture yourself traveling the world. If you want to buy a new car, picture that. These things may come to pass, but within the context of this ritual, these imagined realities are being used purely to make you feel good.

When you transmute your emotion, it’s important to imagine the feeling as though the pleasant experience is happening right now. Rather than thinking, ‘It would be so wonderful to have a new car,’ imagine how it feels to have the car now, as you get in and drive away. Make the emotion feel completely real, as though it’s happening now. This does require active imagination, but it is essential to get this magick to work.

Although this is quite a lengthy description, you may find that you can generate the required emotions in one or two seconds. For others, it takes a few minutes of picturing an imaginary pleasure for the emotions to arise. As soon as the emotion of pleasure has taken away the feeling of lack, you can begin to scan the letters in the talisman as instructed.

Remember to add the fiery light to the letters as you scan, and hold on to the emotion of pleasure. You do not need to remember or recall the images you were using, but try to keep the feeling of pleasure and attainment with you as you scan the letters.

When you have finished the letter scan, you transmute the feeling from pleasure to gratitude. Feel grateful that you are able to experience such pleasure. Again, avoid all thoughts of money, and don’t think about what’s really going on in your life. You are actively imagining a state where you have what you want, and you feel grateful for the experience. You are not feeling grateful for money, but grateful for the rich experiences you are able to enjoy. Now repeat the words from earlier, and as you do so feel a surge of gratitude.






Use the technique to create Light From The Dark. You can let your emotions settle completely at this point. You may find that the positive feelings linger, but there is no need to hold on to them. Instead, focus on creating light from the darkness. 

When you have created the light, let it spill into the talisman. You do not need to think about pleasure, money or anything else. At this point, your magickal energy is neutral, and you are merely adding energy to the talisman.

When you sense that you have empowered the talisman, know that the ritual is over. It might help to say, ‘It is done,’ and then you close the book and distract yourself with something non-magickal. Most people find it’s a good idea to cook, talk, read or do something that stops you from dwelling on the magick that you just performed.

Given that this is quite a lengthy description, what follows is a summary of the steps, to help you plan out the ritual. Make sure you have read the chapter thoroughly before using this summary.

Become familiar with the technique for creating Light From The Dark.

Become familiar with scanning the letter patterns, as described. To begin the ritual, contemplate the emotion of lack, using memory.






Transmute the emotion, by imagining pleasure as though it is happening to you right now. Remain aware of the emotion as you scan the letter patterns in the talisman, seeing the fiery light. Allow the emotion to make its final alchemical change to gratitude.

Feeling gratitude, say:





Create Light From The Dark and pour your energy into the talisman.

Allow yourself to do something non-magickal, and forget about the magick you have performed.

The first time you use the ritual, repeat this for eleven days in a row if possible. (Otherwise, perform the ritual on eleven days within one month of starting out.)

Repeat the ritual for three consecutive days every few months.