Lesson 20: Magick Part 1


These lessons are taken from the Gallery of Magic books by Damon Brand. To get the most out of our lessons you should also read his books starting with, Archangels of Magick. Our lessons will share with you the results of using the rituals in his books. We will tell you exactly what rituals we performed and the results we achieved.

One important note. You can see the Magick is called Archangel Magic. Is it referring to actual Archangels or is it symbolic? At this stage we are not going to tell you what we think. We believe it is up to each individual to make their own interpretation. The cool thing is any interpretation will work.

One other thing I like about the book is it doesn’t require you to do things like wear robes, and make altars, and use magic wands. It doesn’t require you to make life-style changes. It just involves observing sigils and saying words.

To get you started, below is the introduction to Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand.

Part One: Magickal Archangels

There’s something different about archangel magick. Sometimes the magick brings gentle changes that make life a little easier. Sometimes the magick works to bring tremendous transformation that empowers the entire course of your life. And sometimes there are changes so wonderful and surprising, they feel like miracles.

With magick, you can change the story of your life. You are not bound by fate, genetics, circumstances or luck. If you accept the power of magick, the magick will work through you to help fulfill your dreams. No matter who has tried to stop you, no matter how badly things have gone, angelic power can make your life turn into the story you want it to be.

The workings in this book take you into new magickal territory where you can reach into the essence of reality and craft the life you want. You can even work with the angelic powers of divination to see what the future holds, and how best to steer your life.

The mightiest of archangels are easy to contact, and it is their duty to help you. Using a simple ritual process, you can make contact with these angels, and they will respond. This is possible even if you have never worked with magick before, so long as you maintain an open mind and a willing heart.

My interest is in practical magick that works, and that is what I present in this book. The process is easier than you imagine, requiring no special equipment, but it does require you to reach within yourself to discover what you want, and then truly follow your dreams.

My interest is in practical magick that works, and that is what I present in this book. The process is easier than you imagine, requiring no special equipment, but it does require you to reach within yourself to discover what you want, and then truly follow your dreams.

When you dream big, the angels respond. When you dare to ask for what you really want, you are more likely to see your desires become real.

Within these pages you will find pathways to wisdom, healing, divination, love, success and prosperity. Whatever you dream of is within your reach when you are granted the help of archangels. This doesn’t mean you will solve every problem and find success in an instant, but it gives you the tools to shape, guide and empower your life. Many of the powers revealed are unlike anything that has been disclosed before. If you believe in the reality of magick, this is power that you can’t afford to live without.

I will explain how archangels can help, and when it’s best to work with them to get the results you want. I reveal the Archangel Sigils of Power, which have never been published before. These are designed to give you the easiest way to connect with the energies and qualities of archangels so that results can come about rapidly.

With over sixty powers, they can help with uncomplicated problems and more complex situations, that include rapid learning, easy sleep, deep insight, healing old injuries and finding stability and peace. Bring prosperity to a venture, clarify your messages, find serenity and when required, establish safe emotional boundaries. The archangels can help you gain insight into mysterious problems and bring motivation when overwhelmed. You can find the patience to parent well or the power to become immune to stress.

Healing powers can remove traumas from the body and mind, helping you find good healers and bringing assistance and recovery when healing is underway. You will find ways to gain insight into relationships, releasing love and promoting fertility, knowing what you want and finding your way when lost.

Silence those who speak ill of you, shield against attacks and remove the curse of fear. There are rituals for courage, love, creativity, intuition, and imagination. You can break habits, unleash your emotions safely and recover from a loss.

Some of the powers work directly with the mind and spirit, helping you see the truth and gain perspective, or appreciate and generate beauty, as well as understanding your place in the world and how you can use magick most effectively. You can even call the archangels to bend time, to make more time available for important projects.

These powers can be easily adapted and combined to give you hundreds of possible results so that whatever you need, there is a solution. In the next section of the book, I present the Archangel Talismans of Power, which provide nine visual talismans to cover highly specific situations. They can inspire admiration so that others appreciate your true qualities. There is a talisman to encourage forgiveness, either within yourself or within others. You can use the talismans to encourage persistence, increase mental clarity, to perceive your own gifts, and clarify your emotions. There is a talisman to accelerate a decision, which can speed your own decision-making process, or speed a decision being made by another. You can learn how to gain from a transition or change in your life and bring general good fortune by using the talisman to bless an undertaking.

I then reveal a method for working with The Circle of Power, where you call on five archangels to work in harmony. In the first version, The Basic Calling, you find a method that can be a daily protection, a preparation for magick, or a spiritual contemplation. The Advanced Calling gives you mystical insight into yourself and your life.

In The Ladder of Ascent, I establish a method for making a request to the archangels when there is more complexity and difficulty. This is used when the other rituals don’t quite suit your needs, or when you have a desire that is clouded by doubts and uncertainty. Your request ascends through ten archangels so that each of their qualities can help provide solutions, relief and providence.

The same technique is adapted into The Ritual of Divination, where your desire to know the future can be fulfilled by the archangels.

With the Archangels of Invocation, you will discover a ritual process for drawing the qualities of archangels within yourself. You attract the qualities of the archangel within you so that you are changed and empowered. There are twelve unique sigils that enable you to invoke the archangels, to take on over forty qualities such as Persistence,

Wisdom, Tolerance, Abundance, Calm, Genius and Musicality. There are qualities of Self-Knowledge, Communication and Charisma, with Creative Invention, Inspired Teaching, Empathy, Ease, Courage and many more.

With The Evocation of Archangels, you learn a technique to call the archangel into your presence. This is not used to prove that angels exist, or to get a thrill from feeling an angelic presence. One purpose of this more complex technique is to work on more involved problems that require interaction with the archangel. It can also be an excellent way to understand, develop and communicate your desires. You will be given The Evocation Keys for twelve archangels, making it possible to evoke these archangels safely. All the qualities and powers listed earlier in the book, and more besides, can be accessed through evocation.

For the more dedicated worker, it is possible to bring the angel into your presence, visible, present and utterly real. This advanced working of evocation is not required to get results but can be a pathway to many abilities, insights and powers that take magick to a beautiful, powerful level, filled with wisdom and insight.

Archangels of Magick looks at the big picture of your life, helping you solve small problems in the grand scheme of your existence. This magick is better than anything else for giving you what you want, but also for ensuring you gain insight into what you want, with an understanding of your true needs and insights into your spiritual nature.

I have not attempted to write about every archangel ever described because hundreds appear in various texts and religions, and the purpose of this book is to access archangel magick, not to produce yet another dictionary or encyclopedia of ambiguous information. If I had included every archangel, I would have created a book that was bloated and impractical. By working with the twelve most responsive, receptive and magickal archangels, you are given access to an immense number of powers, with the archangels that are the easiest to contact, as well as being the most reliable in terms of results.  I hope that you are able to look at the results on offer and see that the chosen archangels are wholly appropriate for practical magick.

The definition of ‘archangel’ is so broad that this book could have covered fifty-nine archangels or more, but I don’t think that would have served you well. Although I acknowledge that other angels could be called archangels, I believe what you find here makes this a comprehensive system of archangel magick. This is, in part, because you don’t just get to work with these twelve archangels, but you get to access additional power by working with them in specific groupings. You also get to operate with additional powers by calling on specific aspects of the archangels using Divine Names and Words of Power. There are thousands of ways you can call upon the twelve archangels for guidance, assistance and direct change. To add more angels, just to make the book bigger or more impressive, would only add unnecessary complication.

The twelve archangels we have found to be most effective for practical magick are Metatron, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Haniel, Raziel, Iophiel, Kamael, Tzadkiel, Tzaphkiel and Sandalphon. These archangels do go by other names, and those are explored later in the book.

Whatever kind of archangel magick you seek to work with, there are methods here that have not been revealed before, but which have been effective for many people over countless years.

The magick works regardless of your religion or your beliefs, if you are willing to enact it as instructed. The workings are safe, but they are not mere experiments or curiosities. I should make it clear that angelic help comes most easily and readily when it is genuinely needed. If your desire is sincere, you can apply this magick to small problems or to great challenges. The angels will respond.

Archangel magick is like no other magick. It can be subtle, dramatic, beautiful and deeply moving, but it also has one more power that makes it more effective than anything else. Archangel magick can work when you are desperate for a result. You can access intense desires even when you are filled with impatience and desperation.

With most magick, you are called to let go of your need for the desired outcome. You are told to let go of attachment and lose this lust for result. You are urged to be patient, to avoid desperation and to let the results come when they want to come. With archangel magick, things can be different. Most of the time, it’s the same; you should follow the same practice of allowing. But if you have a desperate need, where time is of the essence, where patience is not an option, there is a way to work with archangels through Crisis Magick.

There are many reasons that magick can work or fail, regardless of your need, and these will be explored in detail. When you know what makes magick work, you can get it to work most of the time.

This is not a simple how-to book or a collection of spells. It is a deep exploration of archangel magick. But this does not mean it is complex, difficult or overly challenging. If you have the patience to read it and the willingness to try the magick, you will get results.

There is no single chapter here entitled Spirituality, but if you are already satisfied with your material life and circumstances, you will be able to read between the lines and see the enormous potential for spiritual growth within these pages. There are countless powers that can offer guidance and insight. When you work with invocation and evocation, the personal development and spiritual revelations can be profound. I also believe that being at peace with the material world, rather than fearing or shunning it, is a pathway to great spirituality. And when you manifest all that you need, you inevitably get in touch with your generosity and spirituality. As such, I believe that seeking to satisfy your needs and desires is a major step to obtaining spiritual growth.

Some of the rituals can be effective in minutes, but to obtain such results requires that you read the whole book. Do not skip ahead to the page that looks right and hope that it will work. I have always aimed to simplify magick, but I have found that a side-effect of this simplification is that people think magick is trivial and the books can be skimmed through. You cannot treat magick as a trivial practice if you want results. If you flip through the book and try a ritual without a thorough reading, you will get shallow results or no results at all.

What is required of you is a willingness to read with an open mind and then perform the magick with full emotion and commitment. When your desire is real, this is all relatively easy. But do not rush through even if you’ve read hundreds of magick books and even if you’ve read everything I’ve ever written. It may seem that there’s repetition from other books, and even within this book, but I can assure you that where there appears to be repetition, there is always a subtle revelation of new ideas.

This is an exciting adventure into magick. Whether magick is entirely new to you, or something you know well, take your time to get a feel for this archangel magick, and then work it as required.

Ensure that you understand the ideas about how to recognize, welcome and encourage results. This is one of the most important parts of the magickal process. A good understanding of how the magick blends with you and your life is important, so read carefully now, and then when you have absorbed the knowledge in this book, you can seek the results you so dearly desire.

If you are new to magick, it can be extremely challenging to take the very idea of magick even remotely seriously. How can this be fair? Why would angels help some people and not others? Isn’t this just wishful thinking? I understand these concerns because they bothered me even after I’d seen magickal results, in my youth. The solution is to use the magick when you feel the time is right. You do not test the magick, but let it be a part of your life. If you can do that, change is inevitable. And then you will begin to answer all those mysterious questions for yourself, and it’s exciting to feel your understanding of magick expand.

Should the content of this book seem complicated, please know that traditional methods for achieving these results would have involved months of work, not minutes of effort.

If you’ve been around magick for a long time, you may have a set of ideas about archangels and ritual methods, and find that opening to new ideas can be challenging. What I ask of you is to use this magick if you feel its call. When you read about the methods and techniques, notice your feelings rather than your thoughts. If you feel that it might work for you, know that it will.

You are probably concerned about the origins of this magick. Can it really be trusted? How do you know that you’re not calling on evil forces? The magick revealed in this book has been developed by The Gallery of Magick over the last few decades, based on knowledge from private collections and highly regarded texts, personal revelations from esteemed occultists, and by working directly with archangels. The source materials include ancient texts that you may never have heard of, and I will explain briefly how the secrets of angels have been revealed, shared and passed on for millennia, and how the magick works.

But really, none of this reassurance can make you trust the magick, and you can be certain there will always be scaremongers telling you that this work is evil or unsafe, no matter what I say. This is why the occult is occult; hidden in plain sight, there only for those that need to find it.

Of course, if you don’t actually believe in magick, and you’re still reading, this probably sounds like nonsense. But if you do believe in magick, or get a feeling that magick might be real, or want to see how magick feels and what happens when you try it, know that the small efforts you are required to put in are indeed quite small. You are not required to spend weeks purifying your mind, or months practicing mental techniques. There are no restrictions on your lifestyle or abstinence from pleasure. There is no need for equipment, and as I often say, the robes, crystals, candles, wands and other things that can make magick look colorful, are absolutely not required. With nothing more than a book and an open mind, you can become open to magickal change.

When I first began working with magick, I had no idea that it was possible to contact archangels. I saw them as aloof, remote and disinterested in human affairs. I couldn’t have been more wrong. During a trip to London, when I was trying to find a job in the publishing industry – any job – I found myself with nowhere to stay, and it was getting dark and cold. The cheap little hotel I’d booked into claimed not to have my booking, and it was full. No room at the inn!

In those days, I simply didn’t have enough money to buy my way out of the situation and find somewhere else. I had many friends in London, but after quite some time spent in a freezing cold phone box, nobody had answered their phone, and it was becoming clear I had nowhere to stay. It was too late to catch a train home. I could catch the tube around the city to each friend’s house and hope they were in, but if they weren’t answering the phone, there didn’t seem to be any point. I had no idea what to do.

Being young, I decided a good way to solve the problem was to go to the nearest pub, buy a pint and read a book. The book I had in my possession was one from the private collection of an occultist that I had met some months previously. It was a hand-bound edition of a moderately famous magick book, with my friend’s own notes; there was one page of original work, followed by a page or more of my friend’s notes sewn into the spine. It was the strangest book I’d ever read because I read the original author’s established ideas, followed by my friend’s contradictions, explanations and simplifications.

I read quickly, and before I’d finished much more than a couple of drinks, I had a basic idea of how to call an archangel for help. I did so, within my mind, not even able to say the words out loud. I performed a ritual without anybody knowing while sitting in the corner of a pub. By following that method, I was able to remain calm, and sat there without fear, no longer worried about where I would go or how I would avoid the cold night that awaited me.

A young woman sat opposite me. She introduced herself without a hint of sexual tension, and just wanted to know if I’d found somewhere to stay; she worked at the hotel and had witnessed me being turned away. When I said that I hadn’t, this complete stranger offered to take me in. She took me home, made me dinner, let me sleep on her couch, gave me breakfast and then I left, never seeing her again. It was as though I’d been rescued by an angel.

These days, I can’t imagine anybody taking such a risk, but even back then it was extraordinary behavior, and extraordinarily caring and generous.

At the time, I didn’t even see it as a magickal result. I just thought I was incredibly lucky. I’d forgotten about the ritual. It didn’t take me long to realize that magick had happened. The first time I tried archangel magick, it brought me an almost instantaneous result, perhaps because I was so relaxed, even accepting the fact that I might have to sleep rough. I called for magick and was relaxed enough that the situation was open to change. I believe that my night was blessed by an archangel.

The same ritual method I used that night was the inspiration for techniques that were developed over the following decades. You find the result of that work in this book.

The basic skills and requirements are explained in the early part of the book, and it’s not much more complicated than reading the book and then putting your heart into the magick. Theory and history are kept to a minimum so that you can focus on getting the magick to work, but I do provide a little context and background information.

Let your intuition guide you and use the magick when it feels right to you. If you’re in the desert, dying from thirst, and a stranger appears, handing you a container, urging you to drink, what do you do? It could be poison. It could be empty. It could be an illusion. Regardless, I would drink. Magick can be the deep satisfaction you seek when your life is thirsting for change.