Lesson 18: The Zero Point Field Part 2

As we learned in the last lesson, everything comes from fields. There is the zero-point field which is supposed to be completely empty from all matter. We learned in the last lesson; empty space is not empty.  What was once thought of like a vacuum (the zero-point field), which is completely empty space, with no particles present, has particles constantly popping in and out of existence.  These particles are known as virtual particles. 

We have also learned we can crash particles into each other at speeds close to the speed of light, and new particles will appear and then disappear.

Where do these particles come from?  Many scientists think they just come from nowhere.  Does that make sense?  Can something come from nothing?

What if our universe came from a metaverse?

Think of a metaverse as a parent universe that gave birth to our universe. The Big Bang was that birth. A big explosion just happened from ABSOULTELY NOTHING or it was initiated from a universe outside our universe. What makes more sense?

Empty space is not empty but composed of fields.  Particles are constantly popping in and out of these fields.  Again, what is more logical?  The particles just appear out of nothing, or they come from a metaverse.

Our universe is connected in so many ways. It could only be possible if its design came from another universe.  Similar to how we inherit the genetic code of our parents.

Our universe is held together by four forces – the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the electromagnetic force, and the gravitational force.

If the strong nuclear force were any different, there would be no hydrogen and therefore no oxygen for us to breathe.

If the weak nuclear force were any different, stars would burn and too quickly and explode.

If the electromagnetic force were any different molecules could not form, therefore we could not form, nor any other thing we see in the universe.

If the gravitational force were any different again, no stars would have formed.

Guess where these forces come from. Fields.

Don’t forget like we said in the last line these fields were also present at the very beginning of the Big Bang.

Remember, think of a metaverse as a parent universe that gave birth to our universe. The Big Bang was that birth.

When we are born we inherit our parents DNA. In a similar sense our universe inherits its metaverse’s DNA. Let’s look at DNA.

DNA is short for Deoxyribonucleic acid.  DNA contains the blueprint for all your genes.  Your genes determine your traits and how genetic information is passed from parents to their children.


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DNA has a backbone made of a sugar, a phosphate, and a base. Together the group is known as a nucleotide.  There are four bases, Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine, which pair together to make the DNA ladder.  The key thing to remember is like pieces in a puzzle, only Adenine and Thymine can pair together, and only Cytosine and Guanine can pair.  The bases pair and the phosphate from the nucleotide attach to another nucleotide’s sugar forming the DNA ladder.  The ladder then curls into the shape of the DNA helix. An entire copy of your DNA is stored as chromosomes in the nucleus of every single cell in your body.
A gene is a certain section of the DNA.  It may be made up of a few hundred base pairs or thousands.  Now just think if one of those thousands of base pairs of just one gene is paired wrong, then more than likely, the gene just isn’t going to function as it should, and it’s probably not going to function at all.
Consider a gene that has 100 base pairs.  There are 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ways of organizing those pairs.  And that is just with 100 base pairs.  Imagine how many options we have when we get into the thousands, and if one of those pairs is wrong, the DNA is useless.
Now, are you going to tell me that your DNA is formed by pure chance just by trial and error against impossible odds?
No way!  I could go back to believing a man put two of every living creature in the world on one boat to save them from a god who wanted to wipe out humankind before I could believe that.
What I just described is coding.  It involves inputting information to code the DNA to create the correct genes.  Coding and information need a mind.
As a person who knows a little about computer programming, I programmed my first computer game when I was twelve years old. Trust me when I tell you your DNA has been coded.  There is a mind, probably not like ours, but a guiding intelligence needed to produce the incredible code behind our DNA.  To say DNA evolved on its own is like saying a computer program such as the popular World of Warcraft or Sims created themselves.  That is completely impossible. 
I can remember writing programs and getting the dreaded SYNTAX ERROR.  When that occurred, your program came to a complete stop and would not run anymore.  A SYNTAX ERROR usually was a spelling mistake.  For example, I may have typed “IMPUT” instead of “INPUT.”  The result was a computer crash.  The same is true with DNA coding.  One slight mistake, like a misplaced base, is going to cause your DNA to crash.
DNA is also involved in a process, and that too requires creation.  Intelligence had to decide the steps in the process.
Our DNA determines how proteins are made in our bodies.  We usually think of protein as nutrition from the food we eat, but it is way more.  Proteins made by our body using DNA as a blueprint determine just about all of our physical traits.
It is known as protein synthesis. Again two processes that require a mind. The first step is transcription and the second is translation.  Here is what happens.
First, there is a lot of editing that takes place. In transcription, the DNA unravels and unzips then an enzyme called RNA polymerase matches bases to the Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine of the DNA.  This creates a strand of messenger RNA (mRNA).  And it is not like the bases just pair up and are ready to go.    When this is finished, the mRNA detaches from the DNA.  It is a single strand that leaves the nucleus in search of a Ribosome.  Ribosome’s build proteins.

The building of Proteins is translation. The ribosome reads the mRNA three bases at a time.  These three bases are known as a codon.  The codon attaches to what is known as tRNA, which has the exact bases needed to pair with the codon.  They are the anticodons.  Attached to the tRNA are amino acids.  This pairing of the codon and anticodon makes a chain of amino acids.  And the order of the amino acids determines which protein is going to be made.
And this all happens randomly?  Are you kidding me?
This is way beyond a slight change here and there over billions of years. Remember, Darwin had no clue about DNA.  He thought a cell was just some gooey stuff.
Think about it.  The constant pairing of bases has to be in a certain order to work correctly.  Then the pairing switches to triplets which have to be matched.  All these different parts of the cell have to move around and find each other.  If this wasn’t a process set in order by an intelligence, how did they know how to find each other, or an even better question is why did they know they needed to find each other?
This is a process, and a process requires intelligence.

It just makes so much more sense that our universe came from a metaverse.

But then, where did the metaverse come from?  Another metaverse? 

But then, where did that universe come from?  Yet another metaverse?

Perhaps we are beginning to grasp infinite intelligence in the only way our finite mind can. We will discuss this in future lessons.