Lesson 17: The Zero Point Field Part 1

Look at the picture above. In school you were taught that matter is made of molecules. Molecules are made of atoms. Atoms are made of electrons orbiting a nucleus. The nucleus is made of protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are made of quarks – up quarks and down quarks. Everything in the universe (you, animals, trees, televisions, phones) is made of electrons and quarks.

Scientists today will tell you that is completely wrong. The particles are not fundamental. There are no particles at all. What?!!

Everything comes from fields. The image above is a representation of a field. Reality is many kinds of fields. Particles are waves in the fields. Think of the fields as vibrating and moving up and down like waves. A field takes a value at every point in space. They are not made of anything. What?!!

Consider the temperature in the room. The temperature in every point in the room has its own value. This is a temperature field.

Fields are everywhere, in all that empty “space” you see around you. They are constantly moving and vibrating and changing values, creating waves.

Above you can see a simulation of field fluctuations in “empty” space. What you see is vibrations in these fields. There are vibrations in the electron field, vibrations in the up quark field, and vibrations in the down quark field. These vibrations make all the material things we see in our universe. There are photons (light) which are vibrations in the electromagnetic field, which bounce off the matter in the universe allowing us to see.

We will now expand on the Quantum Physics you learned in class one.

You will remember Schrodinger’s Equation, which says everything is just a wave of probability until it is observed. This is known as the wave function.

So how is this related to fields? The shape of a field is its wave function. The fields are vibrating, creating waves, until you observe them. But when you observe them they are no longer waves but physical particles. You never notice a wave.

Every particle in the universe is a vibration in a specific field. Everything is vibration.

As we will see in later lessons these fields point to a deeper level of reality. To give you a hint where we are going with this. These field fluctuations were present at the very beginning of the Big Bang.

We will stop this lesson today while you let all of this sink in. Really meditate on what this means about YOU!