Lesson 14: Learn To See Auras

As you have learned from past lessons everything in the universe is made of energy and everything emits an energy field surrounding it. I mean everything — rocks, plants, animals, planets, stars…

This energy field is your aura. Most people cannot see auras. This does not mean auras are not there. You need to train your eyes to see auras. With just a little bit of practice anyone can see auras. This is not just some special gift only a few are born with. Let me repeat. You can see auras. Just like most things in life you just need to be taught how to do it and that is what we are going to do in this lesson.

There are cameras which can be used to photograph your aura. Look at the images above.

The word aura is Greek and means “air.” It is pure life-force energy. The Chinese call it “chi.” The Japanese call it “qu.” In Buddhism it is known as “prana.”

Your aura interacts with the auras of things in your surroundings. Your aura contains information about your past, present and possible future. Your aura shows how you are doing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you change from thinking positive to negative thoughts your aura will change as well.

You can sense other auras. For example when you first meet a person and get a feeling that this is a really nice person, or perhaps you get an eerie feeling when you meet a person, that is your auras interacting. Sometimes you may be able to sense how a person is feeling. This is again information you are obtaining from their aura.

As you can see in the first image above there are seven layers of aura.

The closest to the body is known as the Etheric body and displays physical sensations.

The second is the Emotional body which displays emotions.

The third is the Mental body which expresses our thought patterns.

The fourth is the Astral body which deals with higher emotions such as love. It also is a bridge to the physical and spiritual layers.

The fifth is the Etheric Template which shows interaction between the soul and body.

The sixth layer is the Celestial body and deals with unconditional love and inspiration.

The outer layer is the Casual body which connects you to universal energy.

Auras interact with our chakras. Chakra (cakra in Sanskrit) means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being.

Here is probably the most important fact. We assume our bodies create our aura. In fact our auras create our body. You are first and foremost energy. Always keep that in mind.

Chakras and auras pass information to and from each other. When we are happy and things are going good our auras are bright and shiny. Unfortunately this is not the case for most people. They are often faded, dark and muddy. Let’s see what some of the aura colors mean.

The following interpretations were taken from Auras: Awakening Awareness by Vanessa Tucker.

Red auras indicate the state of being grounded, energetic, aggressive, charismatic and competitive; also power, strength, will, leadership, action, practicality, primal passion and sexual feelings. If the red color is faded, compacted, muddy or dark, it may signify violent and uncontrolled aggressive impulses, resulting in low or stagnant energy.

Orange auras indicate the act of being communicative, creative, confident, sexually expressive, independent, collaborative, sociable, assertive and athletic. If the orange color is faded, compacted, muddy or dark, it may signify frustration, impatience, egotism and low emotional intelligence, resulting in stagnant energy.

Yellow auras indicate the state of being enthusiastic, intelligent, inspiring, logical, optimistic, easy-going, open-minded and expansive. If the yellow color is faded, compacted, muddy or dark, it may signify cognitive problems, stressful conditions and difficulties in social interactions, resulting in stagnant energy.

Green auras indicate the state of being focused, heartfelt, being a natural healer, having affinity with nature, possessing the perfect balance between relationships; also love growth, health and mental security. If the green color is faded, compacted, muddy or dark, it may signify envy, unforgiveness, inner conflict or personal unfulfillment, resulting in stagnant energy.

Pink auras indicate the state of being youthful, artistic, idealistic, humanitarian and hard-working; also love, compassion and friendliness. If the pink color is faded, compacted, muddy or dark, it may signify an overly idealistic nature, stubbornness, selfishness, cynicism and distrust, resulting in stagnant energy.

Blue auras indicate sensitivity, intuition, peacefulness, devotion, loyalty, strength, supportiveness and clairvoyance. If the blue color is faded, compacted, muddy or dark, it may signify pessimism, despondency and insecurity. A person may be overly critical of others or aloof, resulting in stagnant energy.

Purple auras indicate the state of being visionary, unconventional and non-judgmental; also intuition, sensitivity and deep feeling. If the purple color is faded, compacted, muddy or dark, it may signify that a person finds it difficult to use their imagination, resulting in stagnant energy.

Violet auras indicate the state of being spiritual, intuitive, visionary, futuristic, artistic and magical; also psychic powers. If the violet color is faded, compacted, muddy or dark, it may signify a person sees themselves as superior and is righteous, resulting in stagnant energy.

Now that you know what the colors mean let’s do what you have been waiting for. Let’s learn to see auras.

Like anything new learning to see auras takes practice. The first few times you try the methods below chances are you will see nothing. Keep trying and I promise you will eventually start to see a little blurriness and color. Just keep working at it and the color will grow. Again it takes time. Just do not give up.

Do you remember 3D stereograms?

Training your eyes to see auras is similar to seeing stereograms. If you can see the 3D stereogram you will have no problem learning to see auras.


  1. Use a plain white wall for your background.
  2. Hold your hands about two feet away from your face.
  3. Spread your fingers wide.
  4. Stare through your fingers and let your eyes lose focus.
  5. Move your fingers closer and then farther apart. Keep repeating.
  6. Can you see a fuzzy glowing between your fingers?
  7. Look at your hands and move one up and one down.
  8. Can you see something?


  1. Have someone sit in a chair in front of a blank wall.
  2. Step back a few feet.
  3. Stare past their head at the wall and let your eyes lose focus.
  4. Pretend you are looking through them at the wall.
  5. Can you see a haze around the person?
  6. Can you see a color to the haze?

Keep practicing both methods. Look up stereograms online and practice with them too. Like I said, at first you will probably see nothing. Keep trying. It will probably get frustrating. Don’t give up. Eventually you will see auras. I guarantee it.